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14May 09
Less Accounting
Less Everything, Inc.
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Steven Bristol twitter, Allan Branch twitter
Privately owned
Launch Date:
March 2007
Number of Employees:
Number of Paying Customers:
$0 /month (Freebie package), $12 /month (Even Less), $20 /month (Less), $24 /month (More)
Free Trial:
30 day trial (all accounts)

The Less Accounting Story

Less Accounting is the flagship product of Less Everything Inc., a company based in Jacksonville, Florida. The software is marketed as a unique alternative to the popular online accounting package, Quickbooks.

Aimed primarily at small businesses and part-time freelancers, the Less Accounting package was originally developed as a panacea for the company’s own financial woes. In March 2007, the service was expanded to encompass online invoicing and client proposals, and eventually released to the public.

Allan Branch, one of the founders of the Less Accounting service, writes, “In the beginning, we struggled with accounting. Accounting is boring and quite simply, no one likes accounting. We created the service to help us out.”

Despite a less than unique mission statement (simplicity, ease of use) and a disappointing testing phase, Less Accounting has garnered the attentions of small businesses all over the world. The deceptively simple interface allows users to manage their finances without having to study pages of nonsensical jargon, or learn the intricacies of double entry bookkeeping.



Information correct as at 24th April 2009

  • Thought it very interesting that you should review your competitors web sites & offering in the accounting SAAS space. To bad you loverlooked us. It’s OK, we are still small but have great ambitions. Please add to the list, free online web based small business accounting.


  • Tim

    Hi Nicholas,

    I find it useful to put notes down on our peers. Rather than hide it in a CRM it might be useful to someone else too.

    I hadn’t come across Numia before but I’ll add you to our list of accounting systems.

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