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26Mar 13

How Clear Books thanks key customers for loyalty

Accountants are a key customer for Clear Books. If we successfully build a relationship and partner with an accounting practice they may sign up hundreds of their clients to our cloud accounting software.

One of our initiatives with these key customers is to surprise them with a small gesture when they reach the milestone of signing up a certain number of clients to Clear Books.

In case any accounting partners read this I won’t completely ruin the surprise by revealing the milestone. As for the gift, it comes from Harrods and contains bubbles. It’s a thank you for supporting Clear Books.

Do you do something unexpected to thank your customers?

  • Yousef Syed

    I’ve been known to send Thornton’s chocolates to those whom are worthy…

  • Jodie Roberts

    Hi Tim,
    Just received an unexpected parcel from Harrods, and nearly didn’t sign for it as not ordered anything and straight away thought someone had stolen my card (suspicious me!)
    Glad I did, but the donor name through me and had my mind working overtime to figure out who it was, then remember where I had heard the name Fouracre before.

    Have to say a very much appreciated gift and very unexpected, so thank you:)

    I’ll be sure not to be tempted until this evening, don’t think my clients would be happy to hear a slurring accountant!

    • Tim Fouracre

      Hi Jodie,

      Thank goodness you signed for it :) It’s just a small token from the team to say thank you for supporting us… so thank you!

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