Clear Books Affiliate Scheme

Clear Books affiliate

We realise that you, our customers, are a powerful tool to help encourage others to join us, so we want to reward your efforts. We’d like to introduce you to our Affiliate Scheme

What is the Clear Books affiliate scheme?

The Clear Books affiliate scheme allows you to earn a discount on your subscription if you refer a new paid customer to us.

1 new customer referred to Clear Books = 5% discount on your subscription

Refer 20 customers and your Clear Books subscription will be free!

How to get started

To get started you will need to share and distribute your unique affiliate link. Anybody who registers for a Clear Books account and becomes a paid subscriber via your link will automatically generate a 5% discount on your subscription

You can access your affiliate link by navigating from your dashboard when you log in to Settings then Affiliates, or clicking the button below.

Please note, the affiliate program is only available to paid business subscribers and not Clear Books partners or clients of our partners

Clear Books affiliate

Get your affiliate link

Click the button below to log into your Clear Books account and go to your affiliate link page

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the affiliate scheme work?

Every time someone signs up to Clear Books using your affiliate code they will get a 30 day trial. If they subscribe, their subscription will be discounted by 5% for a year, and your subscription will be discounted for 5% for a year. Every person you refer will add on an additional 5% discount of the full subscription price, so refer 20 people to Clear Books and your subscription will be completely free.

Who can I refer?

Absolutely anyone - we encourage you to spread your affiliate code around as much as possible to increase the number of people coming across it who might be interested in Clear Books.

How do the affiliate codes work?

The affiliate code is a link which will direct those who click on it to the Clear Books website. As long as you make sure the people you are referring use your link to access Clear Books when they sign up you will receive your rewards.

Wow can I tell people about my affiliate code?

We have a pre written tweet, Facebook status and email for you to easily send to your contacts. You are not limited to how you can spread your affiliate code though, put it wherever you can to get the word out.

Is there any limit to how many referral rewards I can receive?

No - once your subscription is fully paid for by referrals we have other rewards available. Email help@clearbooks.co.uk for more information about what we can offer you.

What happens if someone I have referred unsubscribes?

Unfortunately, if someone you have referred unsubscribes you lose the discount associated with that person.

How do I know if someone has subscribed using my affiliate code?

We will send you an email to let you know every time someone subscribes using your affiliate code. This will also give you an up to date overview of what rewards you have had.

If you're not a customer of Clear Books

We love working with lead generation experts who publish and market within the software field.

If you can generate subscriptions for Clear Books, we would love to hear from you.

To find out more about our commission structure and how you can get involved, please email: marketing@clearbooks.co.uk