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Calendar widget update

Just a quick update to let you guys know about some changes to the Calendar Widget for the Clear Books dashboard. The Calendar widget is now integrated within the permissions system of Clear Books - meaning events are only displayed...

/ 5th November 2010

Blog Action Day 2010: Water

Today is Blog Action Day, an annual event which started back in 2007 with a simple idea in mind; to "unite the world's bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day, in order to raise awareness and...

/ 15th October 2010

Capital purchase or administrative expense?

It’s so important to us at Clear Books to collaborate with our customers. Without you pointing us in all sorts of directions, Clear Books wouldn’t have all the great functionality we offer today! Clear Books is popular with you non...

/ 14th October 2010

Clear Books backs Blog Action Day 2010

What is Blog Action Day? "Blog Action Day is an annual event held every October 15th that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day with the aim of sparking a global discussion and...

/ 4th October 2010

Introducing Miss Clear Books

Hello there! Some of you may have heard from me over the last week. I have been ringing round to introduce myself and catch up with you, your suggestions and (fitting in with this month’s campaign) understanding what it is...

/ 27th September 2010