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Woman writing on a laptop grow your accountancy

5 ways you should use your blog to grow your accounting firm

Is your accounting firm onboard with blogging? We know it can seem like an unnecessary addition to an already lengthy tasklist, and you might even think no one is interested in what you have to say anyway (spoiler alert: they...

/ 3rd January 2018
Five things you can do to grow your accounting practice in the off-season

5 things you can do to grow your accounting practice in the off-season

When working in accounting, it can seem like there are really only two parts to your year: tax season, and everything else. Of course, your work doesn't end when tax season does. Between extended tax filings, financial advising, and bookkeeping...

/ 18th December 2017
AccountancyAdvent advent calendar

#AccountancyAdvent: the Clear Books advent calendar of accounting advice for businesses

Christmas is just around the corner, but we thought we'd give you an early present this year. We've spoken to accountants and small businesses from around the country and asked them what their top accounting tips would be for other...

/ 1st December 2017
Autumn budget 2017

What has the Chancellor’s November Budget got in store for your business?

In this strange age of minority governments and Brexit negotiations, each new Budget has an added dose of importance – not least for the UK's small businesses planning for the future. Philip Hammond, the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, is...

/ 20th November 2017

3 bookkeeping templates and why you should use Clear Books Micro instead

It’s one of the most divisive words in the small business world. You say it, and people tend to immediately go, “Oh, I love them!” or “No, not this again!” Spreadsheets. This seemingly innocuous word holds a lot of baggage...

/ 8th November 2017

Call The Chancellor, Philip Hammond on 0845 862 0344

We want your thoughts on the budget! We are seeking the views of SME's and accountants as to what you would like to see in upcoming Budget on November 22, 2017. Call 0845 862 0344 to leave a voicemail and share...

/ 18th October 2017

Clear Books founder Tim Fouracre makes way for Phil Sayers as new CEO

Clear Books has announced that Phil Sayers has taken over from founder Tim Fouracre as CEO with immediate effect. The appointment of Sayers, who joined the company as Sales and Marketing Director 14 months ago, releases Fouracre to depart to...

/ 4th October 2017

Join the ICPA – Do the sums, it really adds up!

Accountants in Practice are unique. Who says so? The answer is accountants themselves which is why over 1,000 UK Accountants in practice have already joined the ICPA.   Who are the ICPA? The ICPA (Institute of Chartered Practice Accountants) were...

/ 8th September 2017

How to get your clients to pay you on time

It seems there are two types of people in the world: those who can't let an unpaid bill sit, and those who think the money isn't actually due until they have received a fourth payment reminder. At times, it can...

/ 6th September 2017

Four tiny steps you can take during the year to make tax time easier for you and your accountant

Imagine ... it’s January. It's dull, we're all broke, we're all on diets or detox plans, and the party season is well and truly over. The weather is probably miserable and summer holidays are too far away to think about....

/ 22nd August 2017