We held our first Round Table Event for Clear Books Accounting Partners last week and it was a massive success. Please keep an eye out for photos from the day on the Clear Books website and on our Facebook page. Here’s a couple for you to have a look at now:

The aim of the event was to strengthen our relationship with our accounting partners and give them an insight into what we have planned for Clear Books in the near future. This included a demo of the up and coming Clear Books Mobile App as well as an overview of the other applications that can be accessed within Clear Books but are still currently in beta testing: FluidCRM, OpenPayroll TaskDesk and QuickHR. These apps are all available for you to trial now!

We received a lot of positive feedback about Clear Books from the partners who were able to attend and also took on board lots of suggestions which will help us to improve Clear Books for all of our users. Do remember, if you have any suggestions for Clear Books or features that you would like to see implemented you can let us know via the Network.

If you are a small business using Clear Books and are seeking an accountant or bookkeeper please do contact one of our partners. They are always happy to hear from you – just have a look in the directory on the Clear Books website.

Posted by Emma Boyce

Emma is a Marketing and Psychology graduate who is always working hard to send Clear Books customer numbers through the roof. When she's not in the office enjoying the company of the Clear Books team she can be found shopping in vintage stores, knitting or drinking bubble tea.


  1. wow… really wow, this is a very very interactive idea really impressive & creative
    Good luck guys


  2. This all sounds great, but it would be better is you put time into getting the core Clearbooks product perfected rather then diversifying into more products.


  3. yeah It’s time to change… i really like what you doing guys


  4. Matt Fairbrass 1st June 2012 at 11:12 am

    Thanks for your support guys. @Roy, the core of the development team are focused on Clear Books and we will always be dedicating more resources to this product as it is the bread and butter of what we do.

    We have some exciting new features and developments in the pipeline, so keep an eye on the blog and subscribe to our newsletter to be in the loop as we start pushing new things out over the summer.


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