On 4th August, we launched our second round of cloud funding, aiming this time to raise £3.3m by inviting our customers to invest in the company.

We’ve had some fantastic media coverage over the past few weeks relating to our cloud funding, and we’ve rounded up the latest media features here:


  • CrowdFundBeat – Clear Books launches biggest ever British tech crowdfund to raise £3.3m.
  • Startups.co.uk – Is the traditional crowdfunding model broken? Clear Books CEO Tim Fouracre spells out why he thinks B2B small businesses should look beyond established crowdfunding platforms and consider the DIY route instead…
  • Crowdfund Insider – Clear Books launches equity crowdfunding campaign to raise £3.3M


We’ve also had some great feedback from new shareholders about why they chose to invest in Clear Books, and we’ll be sharing this feedback in case study blogs each day throughout our cloud funding campaign.


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