Are you a business owner?
Yes, I run Scope Joint Management.

Why did you invest in Clear Books?
Due to my family links to the company.

What are your thoughts on Clear Books offering customers the chance to co-own the business?
I think it’s a great accounting system and a good opportunity to own shares in a growing company.

What do you like about Clear Books?
Clear Books is very straight forward. The accounting system is incredibly easy to use and very adaptable.

What do you see as the benefits of the customer ownership model?
The main benefit I see is being able to have a say in the direction the company is going.

What does your business do?
Project Management.

We’d like to thank Stephen from Scope Joint Management for investing and taking the time to offer feedback about Cloud Funding 2.

If you’d like to invest or learn more about Cloud Funding 2, click here.


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