1. What does your business do?

We provide high quality tourist guiding services for the west country and beyond.

2. Why did you invest in Clear Books?

Clear Books is a clear and easy product to use.

In addition, Clear Books has great potential to develop into a major cloud based accounting company that can provide services to a wide variety of small businesses.

3. What are your thoughts on Clear Books offering customers the chance to co-own the business?

It is a unique opportunity to be part of a developing company and be able to contribute to the development and growth of the company.

4. What do you like about Clear Books?

I find Clear Books really easy to use –  it has great reports and a responsive support team. Also, there’s the added benefit that I can access the product anywhere at any time.

5. What do you see as the benefits of the customer ownership model?

Being part of a group of like minded people who can clearly see the potential in Clear Books.

We’d like to thank Nick from Sulis Guides for investing and taking the time to offer feedback about Cloud Funding 2.

If you’d like to invest or learn more about Cloud Funding 2, click here.


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