Are you a business owner?

Yes, I run an accountancy practice called Taxation Solutions.

What did you invest in Clear Books?

Because I believe in enterprise and because you have an excellent product which is suitable for small businesses who have neither the staff nor the expertise to use the other, much more complicated, systems available.

What are your thoughts on Clear Books offering customers the chance to co-own the business?

I think it’s a great idea!

What do you like about Clear Books?

I like the fact that Clear Books is really simple to use and if I do ever need any help, I receive great support from the company.

What do you see as the benefits of the customer ownership model?

An even greater interest in ensuring that the company succeeds and grows.

We’d like to thank Judith from Taxation Solutions for investing and taking the time to offer feedback about Cloud Funding 2.

If you’d like to invest or learn more about Cloud Funding 2, click here.


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