Why did you invest in Clear Books?

I liked the idea of a new way of doing business, and I trusted your business because I heard about it through Money Saving Expert.

What are your thoughts on Clear Books offering customers the chance to co-own the business?

I love the idea – I really like co-operatives.

What do you like about Clear Books?

As mentioned,  I like the way you do business, and I looked at your website and it seemed bright and refreshing with a new outlook.

What do you see as the benefits of the customer ownership model?

Everyone wins, and the customer has a reason to stay loyal. Without having to worry about the stock market, everything doesn’t always come down to the ‘bottom line’ all the time.


We’d like to thank Patricia for investing and taking the time to offer feedback about our latest round of cloud funding. If you’d like to invest or learn more about Cloud Funding II, click here.


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