We spoke to Martyn about why he decided to exhibit at Clear Books Community Exhibition on 6th February 2015. We’re delighted to have him on board!


Tell us a bit about your company. What makes you unique?

FinanceHeads is a member organisation of part-time/portfolio Finance Directors.

All of our members are qualified accountants who have held senior roles in SME organisations and can therefore bring their wealth of experience, knowledge and business acumen to help business owners proactively in their business.

We’re unique in that we support one another and can cover all business sectors.


Why are you exhibiting at CBCE? Why should other small business owners visit your stand and how can you help them?

We are exhibiting at CBCE to make business owners aware how effectively we can help them.

Not all business owners realise that our role exists – they won’t need a full time FD (nor need to afford one) however we can help them expand their business, look after their accounts team and get the right information to them at the right time to help their decision making.


How has Clear Books helped your business? What’s your favourite feature?

Clear Books is used by some of our members in their clients’ business – great features include automatic filing of VAT and CIS returns, bank imports through Yodlee, and easy accessibility 24/7 for all users not just the bookkeeper.


What’s your favourite piece of business advice? What would you say to small business owners just starting out?

Best bit of advice — “Do in business what you are good at and let the experts take care of the rest”.

Too often a business owner thinks he needs to be head of sales, marketing, finance, operations, HR, etc, and very few people have the skills for all of this (and those that do have the skills realise that they can’t do it all so would employ others to do it for them).

For people starting out I would recommend that they have enough back up resources to live off for two years — after that the business should be established or you need to go back to full time employment!!!!!!!


To book your slot to exhibit at or attend Clear Books Community Exhibition and meet exciting and innovative businesses like FinanceHeads visit the CBCE website.



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