One of the first businesses to sign up to be an exhibitor at the first ever Clear Books Community Exhibition on 6th February  2015 was Adam Lacey from Filtered.

We asked him to tell us a little bit more about the business and why they’re getting involved…

Can you tell us a bit about your company? What makes you unique?

Filtered is an e-learning company which offers cloud based training using a blended approach.

Our vision to training is that no two individuals have the same ability in any specific area, therefore why should these two individuals have to follow the same generic course?

We are unique in that every user on our courses takes a pre course questionnaire ‘The Filter’ which creates a bespoke syllabus tailored to their ability.

What made you decide to exhibit at CBCE?

Having worked with Clear Books for a number of years, we feel the first CBCE is a great opportunity to showcase ourselves to the CB community as well as meet a variety of small businesses.

Why should other small business owners visit your stand? How can you help them?

If the thought of professional development training has ever crossed your mind we can help.

We have a varied portfolio of courses and approaches to ensure you learn in a succinct and efficient manner.

For multiple users there are clear systems in place to track progress, customise courses and receive assistance from your dedicated Account Manager.

How has Clear Books helped your business? What’s your favourite feature?

A quote from our finance assistant, ‘With no past experience of any sort of accounting systems, Clear Books being my first, I would say it has helped greatly in managing the financing and accounting side of the business so far.  It makes it simple to determine the business’s progress in terms of profits, losses and how the business is doing in general.  It has also really helped in the smooth running of the finance department thus helping the business to flourish. As I tend to deal with invoicing and payments more on a daily basis I would say my favourite feature is the invoicing facility on Clear Books both in purchase and sales terms. It’s so easy and simple to create invoices even when there’s VAT involved as calculations are automatically done once you enter the amounts.’

What’s your favourite piece of business advice? What would you say to small business owners just starting out?

The best investment you can make is in yourself and your team. A well trained team is what’s needed when starting out.


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