If you are a subscriber to ICAEW’s  Finance & Management magazine, you can read about Clear Books and our novel approach to raising capital in the latest issue. The magazine has published a feature looking at the various successful, and not-so-successful, ways in which companies can attempt to grow and features some very big industry names.

The author of the article, Adrian Holliday, makes the point that the issue of how to get ‘bigger, better, smarter’ is something that many companies obsess about, and the results of these attempts can vary hugely.

The story of Clear Books and our cloud funding success is featured under the title ‘Debt-Free Smart Growth: The Way Forward?’ and says:

“When [Tim] Fouracre needed to borrow £880,000 he turned not to his bank but to his clients. Through crowdsourcing Fouracre raised the target £880,000 (the offer was considerably over-subscribed).”

The July/August edition of the magazine magazine is available to subscribers now.


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