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UK Accounting Software Market Report

In  keeping with our open approach as a business, I am pleased to unveil our UK Accounting Software Market Report. For a copy please click here: UK Accounting Software Market. If you would like to use this report or quote from it, you may do so providing...

/ 11th June 2010

List of online accounting software

When we first started Clear Books in July 2008 we thought we had hit on a great idea with our online accounting app. We still think that, but we are not alone... There is nothing new about accounting software. Indeed, accounting itself can...

/ 19th March 2009

FreeAgent Central

FreeAgent Central is an online accounting package with a particular focus on servicing freelancers. The FreeAgent Central website has recently had a design makeover and, in our view, is looking much improved. Accounting Features From an accounting perspective the first thing I...

/ 16th February 2009