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MaximiseMyWebsite teaches small businesses how to attract, convert and engage online customers and will be exhibiting at our Community Exhibition on 6th February.

We spoke to founder David Denholm to find out more about what they do and how MaximiseMyWebsite can help your business…


Tell us a bit about your company. What makes you unique?

2014 was the year we officially retired USPs at MaximiseMyWebsite. I think bigger, smaller, faster, stronger, better just doesn’t cut it these days, because the half life of everything in business has reduced so much. It took 50 years for the television to reach saturation and the tablet two years. So thats it: you have two years to be bigger, smarter, stronger, faster, smaller and then someone will take your place. So what instead?

If you take Apple as an example (doesn’t everybody these days), their phone has half the memory, half the speed, half the camera resolution than the Samsung equivalent and it’s twice the price BUT it sells more. None of those are USPs, they are PSPs pathetic selling propositions. Still everyone buys Apple. Now I’m not knocking Apple you see; they defined the smartphone. The goal of the iPhone for Steve Jobs was that you would be more worried about leaving your iPhone than your wallet at home. It would become part of you — and he succeeded, I think (sorry to Samsung users). So what we aim to do here is not to be different from our competitors but to make a difference in our clients’ lives.

In our industry, everyone has 3 letter acronyms like SEO, PPC, CRO (oh yeah USP) so we try and get away from all that. We don’t do any of that for our clients. Instead we literally try and join each client’s ‘movement’ and champion them.

And it just means we do things differently as part of the culture here. So it can be as simple as sending flowers to a client who we know has had a rough week, it can be increasing someone’s web traffic 500% over the course of a year or running a survey on their customers to help them gain better insight into who is buying and why, even if they haven’t asked us to.

If a client comes to us with the request: ‘can I have one of those instragramabebob things?’, instead of asking them for their first born we will look at their business and business goals and determine that maybe they don’t need one of those IGBs (see what I did there) that the industry is telling them to get. Instead we tell them to keep working on the thing they were already working on, and when they get to here, then we’ll get them the newest version of an IGB with a cherry on top.


Why are you exhibiting at CBCE?

I believe that businesses owners using Clear Books will probably be like minded and actively looking to grow their business.I think its always important to align with clients and work with like minded souls in business (you probably guessed that by now), it makes it much more fun!

In particular because we are at the front end of business bringing more traffic and sales to clients’ websites we can get very involved in someone’s business. We can really make a difference to what their business looks like in 12 months so it makes sense if you are going to have a long relationship to be involved with entrepreneurs  that are in it for the same reason as you.


Why should other small business owners visit your stand? How can you help them?

Two reasons: we can help you make more money through your website, and we have a special offer just for Clear Books users…


How has Clear Books helped your business? What’s your favourite feature?

Open Payroll. Sorry, its probably not the most exciting feature of Clear Books (though I do love the dashboards too) but Open Payroll has been a godsend with its ease of use.


What’s your favourite piece of business advice? What would you say to small business owners just starting out?

No business exists without sales. Make sure you work on sales everyday. I would also recommend reading ‘The E-Myth’  by Michael Gerber. The principle is really simple: make sure you do not become the technician in your business or if you do want to be that person make sure you team up with someone who wants to be the entrepreneur.


If you’d like to meet David and talk to MaximiseMyWebsite then you can buy tickets for CBCE here:

In the meantime, if you’d like to pose your website problem in the comments below then David would be more than happy to help.



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