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We believe that for too long business owners have been short changed by their accountants.

Traditionally accountants met their clients once a year to prepare their annual accounts. This meant the accountants didn?t know what was happening in their clients? businesses. They didn?t, and couldn?t, proactively help their clients increase profits, manage their businesses better and reduce their tax liabilities

We believe that approach is wrong and so we ripped up the rule book and devised a whole new way of providing accountancy services.

We believe that your accountancy services should be provided throughout the year, and not just at the end of it. By taking this approach we can give far more valuable support and advice to our clients, including:

? Keeping you up to speed with tax liabilities building up so there are no nasty surprises
? Monitoring your business?s financials so we can spot opportunities or threats when they happen
? Understanding your goals and ambitions and providing the tools and support to help you meet them
? Proactively looking for tax saving opportunities so you save tax immediately, not in a year?s time



  • Clear Books

  • Accountancy

  • Bookkeeping

  • Company Formations

  • Company Secretarial

  • Corporation Tax

  • Payroll

  • Self Assessment Tax

  • VAT

Peace of Mind

By working with you throughout the year we will deal with all of your accounts and tax responsibilities quickly and efficiently and keep you updated every step of the way. We will give you total peace of mind that everything that needs to be done for HMRC and Companies House is dealt with so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Fixed Fee Pricing

Traditionally accountants have priced by the hour and many still do. With hourly pricing you have no idea how much you will be charged until the bill arrives. Also you pay more if your accountant if your accountant is slow and inefficient.

We think this is wrong and unfair.

We will agree a fixed price with you up front so you will never receive any surprise bills. This way if the work takes longer than we expect or we are inefficient that?s our problem, not yours. We will also invoice on a monthly basis to make things easier for you to manage your cash flow.

Looking forward, not back

Accountants have always been good at looking at what has happened in the past, but we're more concerned about the future and how to make it better than the past. We work closely with our clients to understand what their goals are and what they want their future to be and, crucially, help them devise strategies that will make this happen. We will get under the skin of the key numbers and drivers within their business that hold to key to the future they want, and what they need to do to change them.

Who We Work With

We work with businesses of all sizes, from start ups to ?million companies in a variety of sectors. Our key specialism, and where we are different from other accountancy firms, is our commitment to deliver high quality, regular and up to date financial information and advice to our clients to help them improve their businesses and improve their quality of life. Therefore we work with business owners who want this extra level of support or just want to know where they are on a regular basis.

It doesn?t matter if your business turns over millions or you are just starting out. If you want to build a successful, sustainable and profitable business we want to work with you. And we can help you achieve those ambitions.


We fully appreciate that every business and every client is unique. Every business will therefore have different accountancy requirements. We have developed a complete suite of services ranging from simply making sure the basics are done to a full PLC level financial management and reporting. Whatever you need from your accountant now or in the future as your business grows, Scullard can provide it.

Cloud Accounting

At Scullard we were early adopters of cloud and mobile accounting technologies that are revolutionising how accountants work and what we can provide to our clients. The key benefits of using these technologies are:
? No more paperwork (everyone hates paperwork!)
? 24/7 access to your accounts and financial data from any device
? Invoicing on the go
? We have access to your accounts in real time so can provide much more valuable, proactive and timely support and advice

Contact Information

  • Contact: Chris Scullard

  • Phone: 0161 222 8078

  • Website: www.scullard-accountancy.co.uk

  • Address:
    Manchester Road
    West Timperley
    WA14 5NU

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