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We're RIFT Accounting and we're not your traditional, grey-suited number crunchers. Think of us as your Business Bodyguard - we'll protect you and make you a success. There's nothing to be scared of. We'll simplify everything. Take away the fear. Get rid of the risk.

Whether you're just starting out or getting ready to hit the big time, we understand that it takes more than bean-counting to protect, support and grow your business. Unlike the grey-suits, we can do a whole lot more than check your homework for you. Our accounting service is available online in real-time day or night. We'll look out for you and keep your business safe by sending up warning flares, spotting opportunities and giving you the down-to-earth, practical advice you need.

As your Business Bodyguard, RIFT Accounting can:

* Deal with HMRC for you and organise your VAT and PAYE arrangements.

* Complete and submit your personal and company tax returns to ensure that you only ever pay what you owe and the regulations and deadlines never trip you up.

* Register your business at Companies House to get you started the right way.

We've ditched expensive hourly rates and awkward appointments to give you Big Business service at the right price for you. Our fully online set-up means we can work with you whenever you need us with no need for face-to-face meetings - of course we're more than happy to meet up for a chat if you'd like.

So if you need a financial watchdog to look out for your business, just whistle - or get in touch by more conventional means.


  • Clear Books

  • Accountancy

  • Bookkeeping

  • Company Formations

  • Company Secretarial

  • Corporation Tax

  • Payroll

  • Self Assessment Tax

  • VAT

RIFT Accounting knows that, in order to survive in business, you need your books to add up. But why would you want to stop there when there's so much more we can do?

We're not just accountants and tax experts, and you're more than just the bottom line of a balance sheet. We want to see you grow, so we've put together the best teams in the business to help you do it. If you're taking on new people or investing in premises and equipment, we've got you covered.

Company Accounts
We can prepare and file your annual accounts with HMRC and Companies House. These are critical to your business, so we'll keep them spotless and always on time.

Corporation Tax Returns
With our expertise behind you, you'll never worry you've paid the wrong amount of tax, missed a deadline or tripped over a regulation. Your returns will be pinpoint-precise and punctual. We'll even deal directly with HMRC for you to save time and hassle.

Companies House Annual Returns
RIFT Accounting will complete your annual return to Companies House, keeping them up to date on the essential information about your Directors, Shareholders and Company Secretary.

If you need to pay VAT, we'll take care of the initial registration and do your VAT returns quarterly.

Most money leaves a company as salaries or dividends, so we'll help you keep HMRC posted on the payments you make, whether to yourself or your employees. Knowing that these reports are always in order is worth a lot of peace of mind.

CIS Monthly Returns
If you pay sub-contractors, HMRC will want to know how much you pay them on a monthly basis. Let us take care of completing these returns for you, too.

Just shoot us your paperwork and we'll keep right on top of it, freeing you up to run your business your way. Sending us your invoices, expenses and bank statements as you get them means we can be much more than your yearly trip to the financial dentist. You'll get the best advice all year round with a heads-up about any obstacles or opportunities heading your way.

Switching from your existing accountant
Don't worry - you don't need to speak to them if you don't want to, and you don't need to give a reason for the transfer. We'll even send you an email template to use to contact them about the change. It might take a couple of weeks but we'll chase them to get things sorted out quickly for you.

If you've got any problems or worries, or if you're just sick of the paperwork, then get in touch to see how RIFT Accounting can lighten your load and protect your business.

Contact Information

  • Phone: 01233 653988

  • Website: www.riftaccounting.com

  • Address:
    TN25 4AZ

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