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How to setup the GoCardless integration

Quick step guide

  1. Navigate to Settings > Organisation > Toggle Features

  2. Enable GoCardless

  3. Head to Tools > GoCardless

  4. Create a GoCardless account

GoCardless is only available for accounts where the base currency is set as GBP (£).

Step 1.

Navigate to Settings > Organisation > Configure system > Toggle Features .

Step 2.

Tick Screenshot_1the checkbox labeled ‘GoCardless’.

Step 3.

Go to Tools > Integrations > GoCardless and select one of the three options.

Step 4.

Click the Screenshot_6.3 button.

Step 5.

Set up a GoCardless account following the next few steps below, or log in with existing GoCardless credentials. Click  Screenshot_6.5.


Step 6.

Fill out bank account details and click the Screenshot_6.4 button.


Step 7.

Click the Screenshot_6.5 button.

Step 8.

When GoCardless has been successfully set up, the system will create a new bank account on the Money > Bank accounts menu (called GoCardless by default). All payments via GoCardless will be received into this account.

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