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Bill & receipt entry. But magical.

Auto Bills, the Clear Books add-on, makes it easy to capture bills and receipts in Clear Books - faster and more accurate than ever before.

Auto Bills, for bill and receipt entry. It's not magic, but it definitely feels magical

Say goodbye to the pain of manually managing your bills and receipts, and say hello to the feeling of easy, accurate data entry.

Auto Bills makes it easier and more accurate than ever to enter your bills and receipts into Clear Books, saving you time and hassle. Capture your supplier invoices and receipts with your phone camera, forward by email, or upload them from your computer. With our powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, entering your bills and receipts is easier than pulling a rabbit out of a hat - so you can spend your time doing what matters most.

Fast and accurate data entry

Auto Bills works how you work. You can put your supplier invoices and receipts into Clear Books how you want to, by uploading, using email, or your phone's camera.

Our powerful OCR technology analyses your document in seconds, meaning you don't have to do any manual re-keying.

Never lose a receipt or bill again. Save it immediately, even on the go

Capture photos of your receipt using our mobile app, and throw away the paper. Clear Books stores your bills and receipts securely and is HMRC-compliant, meaning you can rest easy and forget about lost receipts.

It's easy because its built-in to Clear Books

All this power is available right within Clear Books.

Log on to access Auto Bills and all the other easy to use features, which work together because they were designed and built together. Match your bills to your bank transaction using bank feeds, and report on your costs with our easy to use reports.

With peace-of-mind this effortless, it really does feel like magic.

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Store your bills for later, wherever you are

Even if you're busy out-and-about running your business, you can take a photo of a receipt with our mobile app and save it directly in your bills inbox in Clear Books. Then you can get back to what you're doing, and rest easy knowing your paperwork is safely saved for later. Prefer to use your phone's camera? No problem, you can upload photos you took earlier.

Auto Bills works with email

Do you receive bills by email? You can forward the email, with its attachment, to your own dedicated private email address, and it will show up in your bills inbox in Clear Books. You can take a look at them immediately, or when you're next logged in.

Capture multiple receipts at once

With Auto Bills, you can capture multiple receipts at the same time using your mobile app. It's just as fast as taking photos with your phone's camera. Saved all your bills on your computer desktop? Just drag and drop them all into Clear Books in one go. Clear Books works the way you work.

Bye-bye tedious data entry

Our powerful OCR technology extracts key information from your receipts with high accuracy, in a matter of seconds. That means you don't have to spend time manually entering data, and you can be confident that your data is accurate.

Smart matching

Auto Bills automatically matches your receipts with your suppliers, or creates a new one for you. Track your receipts by vendor, and quickly find the receipts you need when you need them.

Use with bank feeds, and reconcile your transactions in one click. Now that's smart.

Analyse handwritten receipts

It might seem like magic, but Auto Bills can analyse handwritten receipts too. Maybe not if your doctor wrote it - but try it for yourself and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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Clear Books is award-winning online accounting software designed for UK small businesses.

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Clear Books, accredited by The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (reg. no. 843585), delivers valued, comprehensive online accounting software for small businesses in the UK.