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Accounting software for accountants

Clear Books is the perfect tool for a successful accounting practice. With time-saving features, unlimited free users and affordable pricing, it's easy to see why accountants and their clients love using Clear Books.

Manage your clients' accounts with ease

Submit MTD VAT returns to HMRC

Multi-currency and CIS features

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Revolutionising the way accountants and clients collaborate

The successful, modern accounting firm works with its clients online, collaborating on data in any location and taking advantage of cloud accounting software's many automated and paperless features. Accountants aren't the only ones who love Clear Books - clients do too. The software lets them see real-time business data and feel empowered as a result.

You can be confident when using Clear Books. We're accredited by the ICAEW and ICB and have won numerous awards, including a British Accountancy Award. We're also HMRC recognised and tested and will be MTD compliant, ready for the age of digital tax.

All the features you’d expect

Clear Books offers a suite of accounting software solutions that cater to every type of client. For 'shoebox' clients or those using spreadsheets, our free and super-simple Clear Books Micro product is ideal. Clients who would rather use a more expansive accounting package, however, would benefit from Clear Books Large, our most feature-rich product, which includes invoice management, VAT returns, CIS returns and verification, multi-currency account management and integrated bank feeds. Regardless of which solution best fits your clients' needs, you can rest assured that you’ll easily be able to manage all of their accounts and provide them with the expert guidance they rely on you for.

Multi-currency features

With our multi-currency features, you and your clients can maintain multi-currency bank accounts, accept and create invoices or bills in foreign currencies, set custom multi-currency rates and tailor the currencies that are suited to your business.

accounting software for accountants
accounting software for accountants

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) returns

Clear Books submits your monthly Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) returns for you, unlike other cloud software providers that make you do your returns manually. We are also unique in that you can connect with HMRC's website to verify your subcontractors directly, straight from the application.

Miles on the clock? Use our mileage tool

Clear Books' mileage tool makes it easy for you and your clients to claim expenses for work-related journeys. Just enter your vehicle details and the number of miles you want to claim, and Clear Books does the rest for you.

accounting software for accountants
accounting software for accountants

Dividends tool

Thanks to our dividends tool, the process is straightforward. Unlike most software providers, you can manage and view your shareholders and their shares, and then create dividends for each of them.

Project management

This feature helps you manage the finances associated with different projects within your business. You can use it to create a comparison report that's based on invoices and bills that are allocated to each project. You can also use the tool to allocate invoices and bills to multiple projects, rather than just one.

accounting software for accountants

Accounting solutions tailored to you

Clear Books has three products, each of which is designed to support the growth of your clients and your practice by providing you with the features you need. Each of our accounting software packages was created to meet the specific needs of you and your clients. The table below shows what's included with each product.

Product pricing

The prices shown below are per client, per month. However, discounts are available to both small and large accounting practices.
To find out more, contact our team on 0800 862 0202

Practice Edition Small Large
Summary The full package but only for partner’s use

Pulls in data from Micro
Full package except for VAT, CIS, Multi-currency, Project Accounting & Dividends The full package
Cost (List Price) £5.00/mo Call for pricing Call for pricing
SME Access
Partner Access
Bank import
MTD submissions
Multi Currency
Project Accounting
Data conversion £20.00 Free Free

Built with you in mind

Clear Books was built with accountants in mind, which is why it’s so easy to navigate between your clients with our simple menu. View your key numbers quickly on our intuitive and customisable dashboard.

Prepare and submit your CIS Returns

What do accountants say about Clear Books?

2e accountants case study

Riz, 2e accountants

There are so many Clear Books features that have simplified processes for us. For example, for the Flat Rate VAT Scheme it has a system to automatically deal with this.

LimeGreen Accountancy case study

Stephanie, Equation

I am a big advocate of Clear Books. I came on board when they first started and so I feel very proud to be a part of it. Clear Books is perfect for freelancers and solo-preneurs as I like to call them, as it's simple and the software is easy to use

Aidhan Accountancy case study

Tony, Aidhan Accountancy

If an accountancy practice wants to grow their client bank and offer better quality information to their clients more responsively, Clear Books will allow them to do that.

Are you ready for Making Tax Digital yet?

Clear Books has been working with HMRC to make sure our accounting software will be MTD compliant and ready to help small businesses and their accountants manage their accounts in an MTD-compliant way as soon as it launches. HMRC is planning to roll out the programme from April 2019, though it will be carrying out pilot testing for MTD VAT returns from April 2018, in preparation for the full launch and to ensure the system is working correctly. We’ll also be collaborating with HMRC during this time, giving businesses the chance to participate in this pilot testing and become acquainted with the system - before it becomes compulsory in 2019.

You can learn much more about what Making Tax Digital means for you here.

accounting software for accountants

Having trouble? We can help

Whether you're new to cloud accounting software or an experienced user, there may be times when you need extra advice or guidance. That's why we do our best to provide you with the very best support. Our London-based support team is available to help you with your query, whether it's by email or by phone. Many other accounting software providers do not offer a similar service, but with Clear Books you can be sure that expert guidance is only a phone call away.

We also offer a range of training options for you and your clients, to help you get up to speed. For example, this includes face-to-face onsite training, where we can deliver training in the comfort of your office, or online one-to-one training sessions based around your specific needs. Whatever your requirements are, we have a solution to suit your needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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