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Custom accelerated development

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The developers at Clear Books are always finding ways to improve our software. The roadmap for developing new Clear Books features involves a combination of ideas from our customer community along with new innovations from our team.

In addition, we also offer a custom accelerated development service, allowing customers to fast-track ideas to our developers and commission a feature for any Clear Books plc product.

How it works

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Request a feature

A feature request is submitted by the customer by logging in and filling out the accelerated development form.

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Approval process

After a feature has been requested, it goes through our approval process. Features that pass our approval process are taken to the next project stage.

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Negotiation period

When a feature request has passed our approval process, an online meeting may be arranged between the customer and project leader. This is to discuss the specification and price of the project, which all depends on the complexity of the feature.

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Following the meeting, we will provide working milestones as time estimates. We will also provide an estimated price based on the previous discussion.

Review Project Idea

Project review

Once the project specification has been agreed upon, and the customer is happy with the estimation, payment will be made. Once the agreement is in place, the project will begin, and no more changes can be made to the project from this stage onwards.

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Development begins

We can now start development.

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Next, we come back with the first stage of the project for feedback. Throughout the process, we will keep you updated on the progress of the project.

Yellow Tick Signifies Completion

Project completion

The feature is complete, including all amendments and improvements, as stated on the specification. All that’s left is for the project to be signed off by the customer.

Fast track your request

Log in here and fill in the accelerated development form for a quote.

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Who can submit requests?

All current customers who use any Clear Books plc application are able to submit a request for a custom accelerated project. The requests will then be put through to our approval team who will decide whether the proposed project(s) are to be accepted.

What is our approval process?

After a request has been submitted it will first go through our approval process. This consists of our heads of department and our CEO, coming together as our approval team. Our approval team will either put that request into the queue to be processed or park it aside. Unsuccessful requests will be sent to the Community should they not make the cut.


Our base day rate starts at £450/day + VAT for our development team but all timescales and prices are affected by the project length, complexity, the number of tasks associated to the project and how tailored the feature is for specific customers. Please contact us for a quote.


Once a project is complete, if the customisation is applicable to our wider customer base, we will release the change to all Clear Books customers.


If you are interested in our Custom Accelerated Development service and would like further details, please contact us.

Clear Books is proudly registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as an Account Information Services Provider (register no. 843585).