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Accountant Testimonials

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I am a big advocate of Clear Books. I came on board when they first started and so I feel very proud to be a part of it. Clear Books is perfect for freelancers and solo-preneurs as I like to call them, as it's simple and the software is easy to use. Their communication is excellent and you get a real person to speak to, rather than a company like Sage who gives you a ticket. I used Sage previously, but Clear Books was really one of the first cloud-based systems.Their training was conducted at their offices in London which was great and I was made to feel very welcome.

At the time I was living in Weymouth and didn't really want to be there, as I felt that the entrepreneurs of my age group were more in the Poole/Bournemouth area. They actually completely revolutionized my whole life as I managed to get my entire client base transferred over, which meant that I was then able to move to Poole. My business model works now on the basis that new clients go straight on to Clear Books.

Stephanie Pettit - Director

Maitland Limited

They listen, they're pro-active and we like them! We've met the staff at Clear Books and they are personable, real people with a good product and a good business. We like them, have recommended them and will continue to recommend them.

Andy Maitland - Director

Accounts Winchester Online Corporation

I'm happy with Clear Books customer service and their staff are good. I'm overall happy with the product.

Peter Mozsa - Director

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