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Auto enrolment

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HMRC and the Pensions Regulator are currently making changes to workplace pensions for UK businesses. This means any employer who has at least one employee needs to follow the auto enrolment process.

Clear Books' payroll software complies with the upcoming changes to workplace pensions, meaning you can auto-enrol your employees and download reports straight from our application.

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Set auto enrolment and pension details

Our payroll software gives you the ability to add a pension suitable for auto enrolment. Simply fill in details such as the pension scheme registry number, tax relief and earning basis to get started. Employers can also begin to file information for their employees' auto enrolment by assigning the relevant pension scheme to their employee.

Pension schemes

With Clear Books, you have the ability to add multiple pensions schemes if your employees are part of different schemes. You can even link the pension providers to your list of suppliers in Clear Books Accounting, to make it easier when dealing with pension invoices. If you have a pension scheme that isn't assigned to an employee, you can delete them accordingly.

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Pension contributions functionality

With Clear Books Payroll, adding a pension scheme for auto enrolment has never been easier. Simply navigate to the 'pensions' tab in your account and add the pension scheme there.

You also have the option to support Net Pay Arrangement contributions and Tax Relief at Source contributions. By simply inputting the percentage of the employee's entire contribution, the system will account for tax relief when making deductions. We've also added some helpful information on the side to help you when adding your pension scheme.

Full 'assess the workforce' functionality and reporting

On your staging date, and before you process your payroll each time, it's crucial to work out which employees must be enrolled into a pension scheme and which have the option to join. The 'assess the workforce' report works based on estimates, so you can work out the auto enrolment status of your employees to know what duties you have to fulfil. You can also download the report as a PDF for your reference.

Clear Books Payroll makes this process much simpler by assessing how much each member of staff earns, how old they are, what date they're applicable from, and what auto enrolment category they fall into and the reason for it.

Auto enrolment reporting

Clear Books provides you with multiple reports for auto enrolment. These can be downloaded as a CSV file to allow them to be uploaded to pension provider services. Our software will also notify you if all the required fields are not filled out correctly, to prevent you from submitting an incomplete document. Clear Books Payroll will also save a copy of your reports every time you run them, so you have a record that you have been fulfilling your legal duties.

Pension enrolment report

This report shows personal details of employees such as their date of birth, NI number and Payroll ID, along with their assessment result at the end of the selected Pay Reference Period. This can be downloaded and sent to your pension provider.

Employee pensions report

There's a handy employee pensions report showing you which employees either entered or left the pension scheme during the selected PRP (Pay Reference Period). This can be downloaded and sent to your pension provider.

Pension contributions report

The pension contributions report shows all pension contributions for the selected Pay Reference Period. The contributions displayed are split down into employee and employer contributions. This can be downloaded and sent to your pension provider.

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