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Track every single purchase

Try Clear Books for your small business expense tracking today

Bill tracking

Receipt tracking

Employee expenses

Complete reporting

Get organised with Clear Books purchase management

Have you ever misplaced a receipt?

Losing receipts is a problem. Your business doesn’t know what it’s spent money on, tax might be overpaid because allowable expense or VAT claims are missed, and employee expense claims become a management nightmare.

Clear Books is the bill and expense management system you can count on.

You, your employees and your accountant can enter bills, receipts or employee expense claims into Clear Books. Simply use our app or website. It’s easy.

Purchases are automatically organised so they can be searched, sorted, filtered, approved and included in HMRC returns. Put simply: use Clear Books and you’ll never lose another receipt again.

Know what bills to pay and when

See what’s pending, due and overdue

Track bills

Keep track of bills and receipts as they come in

Mark bills as paid

Reconcile your business bank transactions to ensure you’ve recorded every single purchase

View payment schedules

View reports to see upcoming bills and expense summaries

Capture receipts in a snap

Use the Clear Books app to snap, check and save receipt records

The Clear Books app makes purchase tracking quick.

Snap a photo of any receipt and our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology will read the text in the photo. In seconds, we will pre-populate a record of your receipt that you can check, edit and save.

Plus, Clear Books automatically attaches the original receipt image to each record. That means you won’t misplace another receipt and you’ll be ready for the taxman all year round.

Employee expenses made easy

Reimburse employees and manage expenditure

1. Employees request reimbursement

2. Managers approve or deny

3. You pay employees, reconciling the request as paid

4. Full reporting by category, status and date is automatically available

Better receipt and bill organisation

Clear Books is the perfect purchase management tool for your business. You can also use it to create invoices and view reports on your business’ overall financial performance. Get started with a free 30 day trial today. No credit card required.

Clear Books is proudly registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as an Account Information Services Provider (register no. 843585).