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Expense management is easy with Clear Books

Clear Books makes it quick to track bills, expenses and receipts so you know how much you've spent, and you're ready for the taxman

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Make expense tracking & tax time easy

Clear Books is a simple tool for small business expense management. We help you to track business bills and employee expenses via web or mobile.

Easy expense tracking

Keep count of business bills and employee expenses with confidence. Simply enter each receipt or bill using Clear Books on the web or app to know where you've spent your money.

You, your employees and your accountant can also enter bills, receipts or employee expense claims into Clear Books. All you need to do is invite them into your account. It’s easy.

The easiest data entry you've ever tried

The Clear Books app makes purchase tracking quick. Simply upload or snap photos of any receipt or bill on your phone. Our Auto Bills feature will read the text in the photo and extract important information like the supplier, date, VAT and total. It means you do less data entry.

In seconds, we will pre-populate a record of your receipt that you can check, edit and save.

Plus, Clear Books automatically attaches the original receipt image to each record. That means you can enter receipts in seconds and move onto the next task.

Automatic organisation

When you use Clear Books, purchases are automatically organised as soon as you enter them. That means you can quickly search, sort, and filter your expenses to find a particular entry.

You'll always have control of your business purchases and employee expenses without having to file or tag records.

Make tax time a breeze

You'll be certain that you've made every tax claim you can when you use Clear Books. Simply track expenses as you incur them to be sure you don't lose your receipts.

And, our easy-to-use system tracks allowable expenses and VAT claims for HMRC in the correct format. You'll be ready for the taxman all year round.

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Expense tracking is even easier with these clever automation tools

Feel at ease with our automation tools

Bank feeds

Link Clear Books with your bank account to stay on top of your upcoming bills. By matching bank transactions to bills and invoices, you'll see if they've been paid, or whether they're upcoming. It's an easy way to plan your business cash flow.

Recurring bills

Let Clear Books do the work for you. If you have recurring bills like internet or rent, simply set it to repeat so you don't have to enter each one.


Does your Purchase Order (PO), bill or payment relate to a particular project? If so, select the project (e.g. renovation site) from the drop down in Clear Books for full project reporting. It's easy.

Employee expense management

Allow your employees to request reimbursement for expenses using Clear Books. You can review and approve expenses at a glance. And, once you approve them, Clear Books will automatically raise a business bill for you to track and mark as paid when you pay the employee.

Purchase orders

Clear Books allows you to manage purchases from order through to billing and payment. You can raise purchase orders in Clear Books in one simple step.

Complete reporting

Don't waste time and energy compiling reports. Clear Books makes expense reporting easy by automatically creating complete reports for you. Download them as a PDF to share them, or a CSV if you want to work with the data.

Get started today

Try Clear Books free for 30 days. No credit card required.

ICB accreditation

Clear Books, accredited by The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (reg. no. 843585), delivers valued, comprehensive online accounting software for small businesses in the UK.