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Accounting Software Bank Feeds

Fast and accurate bank reconciliation

Clear Books makes reconciling your bank account simple. Our secure Opening Banking bank feeds help you reconcile transactions quickly, and can give you accurate visibility of your business's financial data.

Accounting software bank feeds

Fast, accurate bank reconciliation

Clear Books’ secure bank feeds update daily with your most recent transactions. You can allocate these easily to sales and purchases to see a complete picture of your business finances.

Plus, Clear Books creates automatic allocation rules as you reconcile, allowing you to allocate repeating transactions in one click.

Accurate business and tax reporting

When you reconcile your bank accounts with Clear Books, our dashboard shows you business-critical information (like outstanding bills and overdue invoices).

If you’re after more in-depth information, all your financial data is automatically compiled into reports including a P&L, Balance Sheet, Aged Debtors and Creditors, as well as HMRC recognised MTD VAT returns.

Are you ready to reconcile?

Bank feeds, updated daily, so that you can reconcile as you go

View new bank transactions daily to reconcile as you receive and spend money.

Allocate transactions to invoices, or click to create new records for income or expenditure.

Describe and categorise each transaction by account code.

Turn on ‘allocation rules’ and Clear Books will learn to mass allocate recurring transactions.

Write your own ‘allocation rules’ based on keyword, customer or supplier, to trigger the automatic allocation of bank transactions to bills or invoices.

Relax, knowing your data is safe. Clear Books is FCA registered as an Account Information Services Provider for Open Banking.

Reporting to inform business decisions and submit accurate tax returns

Quick view reports make the day-to-day easy

Quickly view the dashboard to see what bills and invoices are paid, outstanding and overdue.

In depth reports inform business and finance decisions

Access a full suite of management reports including full P&L report, Balance Sheet, Aged Debtors/Creditors and more.

HMRC recognised MTD VAT returns

Complete your bank reconciliation so that you're sure all your quarterly transactions, and your VAT account is recorded and up to date. Clear Books will then create an MTD VAT return for you to review and submit to HMRC.

Use Clear Books with the bank of your choice

When you use Clear Books, you’ll know you’re in safe hands. To provide our bank feeds, we partner with Yodlee - a market leader in financial data.

There’s no need to worry if your bank happens to not be on our list. You can import bank statements directly into Clear Books using our bank import tool or you can recreate bank statements by entering individual transactions.

And remember, you’re not limited to one bank feed. Clear Books provides unlimited free bank feeds with both our Small and Large subscriptions. Setting up multiple bank accounts ensures you can also track repayments for loan accounts, mortgage payments and any repayments to directors' loan accounts.

See how Clear Books bank feeds can help your business

Clear Books is proudly registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as an Account Information Services Provider (register no. 843585).