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Accounting Software Bank Feeds

Supercharge Your Business Bank Account

Accounting Software Bank Feeds

Let Clear Books™ take the stress out of managing your business banking. With simple task automation, we’ll give you more time to focus on growing your business.

Import bank statements

Our simple bank import tool allows you to upload a CSV file downloaded from your bank or credit card provider. Importing your bank statements saves you time by removing the need to manually enter your transactions.

Explain your transactions

Explain the transactions on your imported bank statement by matching the transaction with invoices, bills and transfers between accounts.

Reconcile bank accounts

Compare your bank statements to your Clear Books accounting data in order to resolve any discrepancies. Transactions imported via the bank statement import tool are automatically reconciled.

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Re-create bank statements

If you find there are transactions missing from your bank statement and you'd like to add them in, Clear Books allows you to re-create a statement.

This is quicker than having to re-import your whole bank statement and search for the missing transactions.

Transfer between accounts

Clear Books allows you to transfer money from one of your bank accounts to another, as long as they're both linked to your Clear Books account.

This is particularly useful for showing repayments for loan accounts, mortgage payments and any repayments to directors' loan accounts.

Payment via direct debit

Pay money owed directly from invoices, via the GoCardless integration. GoCardless also allows you to agree a pre-authorised amount with customers, allowing you to take payment for sales without the need to hassle your customers.

Manage Any Bank account

Choose from various types of bank accounts, from traditional high street banking to online banking options such as PayPal and WorldPay. There is also the option to include directors loan accounts and mortgage loan accounts.

Set Your Import rules

Setting up import rules for frequent bank entries, by using search terms, will allow you to bulk update your bank statements. This can save you time by matching these search terms to existing invoices and bills.

accounting software bank feeds

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