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The best MTD software works the way you do

Clear Books helps you get ready for Making Tax Digital VAT returns without making huge changes to your current accounting processes.

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Minimise disruption to your business by getting ready for MTD with Clear Books

From April 2019, businesses who turn over more than £85,000 per year

  • track sales and purchases (or bank transactions if you have a cash-based business)
  • prepare the 9 box VAT return
  • submit quarterly returns to HMRC

If you use paper or Excel to keep the books, this change might seem overwhelming. But, if you use Clear Books, we can make the change clear and simple.

Track sales and purchase invoices

Choose the Clear Books VAT process that's least disruptive to your business.

MTD Software

Option 1:
Upload from Excel

Upload a list of your sales and purchase invoices or your bank transactions from Excel to Clear Books.

MTD Software

Option 2:
Track invoices and receipts (or bank transactions)

Type the details of the sales and receipts you currently keep (e.g. on paper or in Word/Excel) into Clear Books for your VAT return.

MTD Software

Option 3:
Raise invoices within Clear Books

Customise and create invoices with Clear Books, downloading them as PDFs or sending them via email.

Prepare 9 box VAT returns

Clear Books automatically generates 9 box VAT returns using the sales, purchase or bank transaction information you entered for the quarter.

MTD Step 3

Submit returns directly to HMRC

Clear Books is recognised by HMRC as Making Tax Digital ready software. We are listed on the HMRC's MTD software list, and have already started submitting MTD VAT returns for the thousands of users who use Clear Books everyday.

Or call us on 0800 862 0202 to find out more
MTD Software

Simple MTD VAT returns

Step 1: Select invoices and receipts to include
Step 2: Review the VAT return
Step 3: Submit to HMRC

MTD Software

Cheap accounting software

Your first 30 days is free as part of a no-obligation trial. If you choose to buy we offer money-saving discounts and bulk-buy deals!

MTD Software

A leading MTD solution

HMRC have tested our reporting link and confirmed we're an MTD compatible software partner

Clear Books is proudly registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as an Account Information Services Provider (register no. 843585).