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Get MTD-ready by using Clear Books as VT or Excel Bridging Software

Clear Books allows users to save VAT records kept in Excel or VT (including VT Transaction+ and VT Cash Book) and upload them to our MTD ready software.

Clear Books accounting software for Making Tax Digital can be used as simple bridging software from VT or Excel

Get MTD ready without changing your core record-keeping software

Clear Books accepts transfers of information from VT, Excel and other software so that users can create and submit VAT returns directly to HMRC. This means you can continue using Excel or VT and be MTD compliant.

HMRC recognised in the short- and long-term

A long term requirement of Making Tax Digital is that records transferred between systems must maintain a 'digital journey'. This is to prevent errors made when rekeying or 'copy/pasting' between systems. Our transfers are completed by CSV file upload, maintaining the digital journey and making them a long-term, HMRC compliant, MTD bridging solution.

Cost-effective solution for small practices

At only £6.00 per month per client, Clear Books is simple, cheap and HMRC recognised bridging software for MTD. Clear Books can make Excel and VT MTD-ready.

Here's how our Excel or VT Bridging software works!

1. Save your Excel or VT file as a CSV

Changing the file type in the 'save as' dialogue box will convert an Excel or VT file into CSV format.

Making Tax Digital process
Making Tax Digital process

2. Upload & map the CSV file to Clear Books

Using the Import CSV function, you can upload sales and expense (bills) data into Clear Books. It's easy to choose which fields in Clear Books you wish your file data to map to.

Note: If you use VAT cash accounting, you should also import payments for invoices and bills so that they appear on the VAT return.

3. Submit MTD returns to HMRC

Our simple VAT return lets you create a VAT return, review the data and submit directly to HMRC. You can see this process in detail by visiting our simple 3-step MTD returns page.

Making Tax Digital process

Clear Books is proudly registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as an Account Information Services Provider (register no. 843585).