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Get purchase information into Clear Books quickly using our NEW app!

You'll get real-time information from your clients, speed up data entry and have fun preparing for VAT returns with the Clear Books purchases app.

Say hello to the new Clear Books expense app

Clear Books purchases app was on show at Accountex 2019! And, very soon we will be offering accounting and bookkeeping firms early access to our app.

The VIP launch allows accountants and bookkeepers to try it the app for free before the public launch later this year. All you need to take part in the VIP launch is a Clear Books partner account and one or more client accounts. These can be Small or Large accounts.

Our expenses app, your way of working

Speed up data entry in your practice

Accountants and bookkeepers can use the Clear Books app to quickly enter information into Clear Books.

Simply take a photo of each receipt or bill and the app will create a bill by reading the text in the photo. It's a quick and fun way to get purchase information into Clear Books for end-of-quarter VAT returns.

Track client purchases as they happen

Your clients can use the app to record purchase information as they spend.

Every time a client takes a photo of a receipt or bill, the information is instantly available in Clear Books for you to check, edit and include in VAT returns. It will save you time because you no longer have to chase up records or manually enter purchases at the end of the quarter.

It's the quickest way to get purchase information into Clear Books

Here's how the app works!

Mobile app - step 1

1. From the app, align the camera and take a photo

Mobile app - step 2

2. Clear Books reads the receipt or bill, and creates a purchase to review and save

Mobile app - step 3

3. All the data is summarised on the app dashboard and is instantly available in Clear Books

The Clear Books app will change the way you work (for the better)!

Get these great benefits and more:

  • Access real time information from your clients.
    No more waiting for records at the end of the quarter or amending VAT returns to include late purchase invoices.
  • Speed up data entry in your practice.
    Simply take a photo of each bill or receipt rather than typing it in manually. It's a quicker way to get purchase information into Clear Books.
  • Make end of quarter fun.
    Taking photos rapidly transfers information from paper into a digital record, and you no longer need to keep receipts or bills as records as the attached image is HMRC record-keeping compliant.

Find out more about Clear Books

Clear Books is the perfect tool for small and medium accounting practices. It offers different solutions for different types of clients and affordable pricing.

Clear Books is proudly registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as an Account Information Services Provider (register no. 843585).