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Managing your VAT has never been easier with Clear Books™. Quickly generate your VAT returns and submit them directly to HMRC.

VAT accounting software that works for your business

Generate VAT returns by simply choosing your time period, selecting your corresponding invoices and then confirming and submitting your return to to HMRC

Clear Books™ VAT accounting software supports all of the major VAT schemes, including the flat rate and the standard rate schemes.

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Submit directly to HMRC

Records stored for future reference

Compare which rate will save you money!

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vat accounting software

Compare your business VAT rates

Using our intuitive tool, compare how much VAT you’ll pay based on the different schemes and select which rate will work best for your business.

Unsure whether to apply VAT to salaries or to interest on income? Clear Books Accounting knows the tax rules and will help prevent mistakes.

Access your VAT reports anytime

Because Clear Books™ is online and we store all of your data securely in the cloud, you can easily look back at all of the previous returns you have submitted, download them as a PDF or even re-do returns if you have made a mistake before submitting.

You don’t have to submit returns that you create straight away. You can always keep them and review later before submitting to HMRC. It’s completely up to you.

Additional Clear Books™ VAT benefits

Managing your VAT with Clear Books™ will allow you to comply with industry relevant tax requirements.

VAT MOSS invoicing

If you sell digital services into the EU, we’ve got you covered. See your MOSS VAT reports and generate MOSS Invoices with Clear Books™

Construction Industry Scheme VAT

Verify your subcontractors details with HMRC and fully record CIS information for both contractors and subcontractors. You can even prepare and submit your contractors CIS returns online. Learn more here

VAT accounting software

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