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Accounting software for accountants working with small businesses

Accounting software for accountants

Clear Books is the perfect tool for a successful accounting practice. With unique time-saving accounting features, unlimited free users, access from any location and affordable pricing, it’s no wonder accountants and their clients love using Clear Books.

What do accountants say about Clear Books?

2e accountants case study

Riz, 2e accountants

There are so many Clear Books features that have simplified processes for us. For example, for the Flat Rate VAT Scheme it has a system to automatically deal with this.

LimeGreen Accountancy case study

Kaziu, LimeGreen Accountancy

Clear Books has brought us closer to our clients, and our clients feel more in control of their businesses as a result of being able to see their numbers every day.

Aidhan Accountancy case study

Tony, Aidhan Accountancy

If an accountancy practice wants to grow their client bank and offer better quality information to their clients more responsively, Clear Books will allow them to do that.

Accounting software for accountants

Software built with accountants in mind

The founder and system architect of Clear Books is a Chartered Accountant, and from the very beginning Clear Books has been crafted with accountants in mind. That’s why the system is feature rich with functions such as a fixed asset register, multi-currency, payroll, tailored user permissions, account code templates and much more.


Mileage tool




With our multi-currency feature, you and your clients can maintain multi-currency bank accounts and can accept and create invoices or bills in foreign currencies, set your own custom multi-currency rates, and tailor the currencies that are suited to you. You can even import multi-currency invoices in any currency, regardless of the base currency of your account. Simply toggle this feature on in your account and you can start using the feature.

Mileage tool

Mileage tool

The mileage tool makes it easier for you and your clients to claim back expenses for work-related journeys. Simply enter your vehicle details and the number of miles you wish to claim and Clear Books will do the rest for you. This tool works to HMRC guidelines, so you be confident that your mileage claims will include VAT and will only amount to what HMRC allows.


Clear Books submits your monthly Construction Industry Scheme returns for you, unlike other cloud software providers that make you do your returns manually. We’re also unique in the fact that you have the ability to connect with HMRC’s website to verify your subcontractors, straight from the application.



With our dividends tool, the process of creating dividends is much simpler. Unlike most software providers, you can easily manage and view your shareholders and their shares, create dividends for each of them (including the paperwork necessary to authorise them), and provide each shareholder with a voucher and annual summary.

How Clear Books can help you?

Access anywhere, any time

Cut down on time-consuming trips to meet your clients - both you and the client can access Clear Book anywhere with an internet connection!

Detailed user permissions

Choose from over 80 user permissions to tailor exactly which features your colleagues and clients can access in their account.

Toggle Features

Our Toggle Features section of the dashboard has free bonus features including projects, journals and multi-currency, so you can tailor the account to your exact needs.

Training and support

There’s a range of training options for you and your clients to get up to speed with Clear Books, and our friendly support team offer free assistance by phone or email.

Bulk payroll processing feature

Bulk payroll processing

If you’re an accountant that is interested in, or already uses our integrated Payroll application, Clear Books has a great time-saving feature for you to use. The bulk payroll processing tool allows you to process all of your clients' payrolls all at once, removing the need to process each client individually. This feature will help you to save time if you have multiple clients using Payroll, so you can focus on the important stuff.

Simplify VAT with Clear Books

Clear Books gives you the ability to generate, store and submit your VAT returns directly to HMRC, and include VAT on journals, helping to simplify the way your practice handles tax.

Clear Books is also leading the way with the unique Flat Rate Scheme / VAT comparison report. This tool allows accountants to view a comparison of their clients' standard VAT returns to what they would be under the FRS. It also works the other way around for FRS registered businesses and keeps track of the annual FRS turnover, with a warning as it approaches the limit for using the scheme.

Amazing VAT handling on Clear Books
ICB accredited
ACCA accredited
ICAEW accredited

Award-winning and accredited software

We know how important it is for accountants to have confidence in the software they use. Clear Books is accredited by ICAEW and ICB, and has won multiple awards including a British Accountancy Award.

Revolutionising the way accountants and clients work together

The successful modern accounting firm works with their clients online, collaborating on their data from any location and taking advantage of the many automated, paperless features that cloud accounting offers.

It’s not just accountants who love Clear Books - your clients will too. Clear Books offers clients a chance to see real-time data for their business and feel empowered by their business success. And if they are unsure of anything, it’s never been easier for an accountant to offer hands-on support with our in-app live chat tool.

Collaborating with businesses

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