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Easy-to-use project accounting software for small businesses

Manage your finances project-by-project with Clear Books

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Track your profitability by project

Clear Books helps you do your accounting on a project-by-project basis. Create quotes and invoices, track purchases and view full reporting for each project you complete.

It's an easy way to know whether your project is on budget, profitable and helping you achieve your goals.

Categorise quotes & invoices by project

When you raise a quote or invoice in Clear Books, select the project to which is relates. You can view a list of documents related to each project easily.

Import your bank transactions to track payments

Link Clear Books to your bank account and automatically import your bank statements. Simply assign each payment you receive to an invoice. We will then show you what's paid and outstanding for each project.

Assign your bill or expense payments to a project to see whether your project is on budget.

Easy reporting by project

Clear Books has a range of handy reports to show how profitable each project is. Simply click to view automated reports and you'll be up to speed in no time.

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ICB accreditation

Clear Books, accredited by The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (reg. no. 843585), delivers valued, comprehensive online accounting software for small businesses in the UK.