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Getting paid fast is easy with Clear Books

Relax knowing that Clear Books will help you get paid faster and on-time with our click-to-pay feature

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Have confidence that you’ll get paid fast

Simply create an invoice using Clear Books’ invoicing software. Select the payment options for your customers to ensure you get paid quickly - cash, card, BACs or cheque.

Safe and easy ways to get paid

Clear Books is partnered the with the best in class payment providers. Feel confident and in control of your business knowing that you can accept your customer payments securely.

Reduce admin with Clear Books’ seamless bank statement import

Sit back and watch your bank payments information seamlessly flow into Clear Books. Our quick and automatic bank feeds help you track whether your invoices are paid or outstanding. And, if you set payment reminders, we can even chase overdue invoices for you!

You can manage invoices & payments in over 170 currencies

Whether you’re generating invoices in pounds or international currencies you can receive payments with Clear Books’ click-to-pay invoicing.

It’s easy to receive payments through our payment partners

We've integrated with Stripe so your customers can pay your invoices using debit or credit card meaning you get paid faster.

With PayPal, a worldwide payment provider, your customers can make quick debit or credit card payments.

GoCardless allows you to receive direct debit payments. So you can be sure to receive your payments on time.

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Clear Books is proudly registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as an Account Information Services Provider (register no. 843585).