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06Nov 13

GoCardless – Import pre-auths into Clear Books


Great news for our customers with an active GoCardless integration!

Form here you’ll have the option to link an individual pre-authorisation with one of your customers. In case you want bulk processing, simply upload a CSV file with all the entities and pre-authorisation IDs you want to be linked. In either case we’ll process them and notify you with the result (on screen for individual linking, or in a CSV file for bulk processing).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment at the end of this post or select the ‘Need Help?’ link in the top right of your Clear Books account to submit an email to our support team.

  • Edward Crouch

    Hi, we have around 40 GC customers that we have set up on, they are all “customers” in CB, I tried following the steps above ti import the existing autos but when I click the “link” button, nothing displays..

    • Enmanuel Cueva

      Hi Edward,

      The link form should be available now. Try hard refreshing your browser in case you can’t see it (Ctrl + r on Windows, Cmd + r on Mac).

      Thanks for your feedback.

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