The Freedom of Freelancing with Clear Books

When I set up Equation Accounting ten years ago, I never imagined I would have the power to run and grow my businesses whilst enjoying the freelance lifestyle. The concept was a just a fanciful pipe dream. Back then, the...

/ 12th April 2017

7 Reasons to Write a Company Newsletter — And How to Start

Let’s be honest. When most people think of a company newsletter, they think of one more thing to delete from their inbox. And the way many company newsletters are written — dry summaries of things no one really cares about...

/ 7th April 2017

Clear Books – As Heard on Radio!

We are pleased to announce Clear Books has started a round of radio advertising to raise our profile in the UK! You can hear our radio ad via the media player below.   Read More

/ 3rd April 2017

6 Ways to Motivate Your Team (Without Shouting)

Has this ever happened to you? You spend a lot of time and energy hiring great people for your company, only to find out that a few months, or even years later, they seem to have lost their spark. No...

/ 3rd April 2017

March 2017 Product Updates

What’s in preview Payroll Adds a new report for non monthly payrolls or mixed payrolls to provide a breakdown of the monthly amount owed to HMRC similar to the old P32. Amount owed to HMRC is hyperlinked to provide a...

/ 27th March 2017

How to Use Social Media to Market Your Small Business

We’ve worked with a lot of small business owners over the years, and we’ve found that they tend to fall into two camps: those who love social media and can’t imagine running their businesses without it, and those who just...

/ 22nd March 2017

How Do Accountants Use Spreadsheets (And What You Should Be Using Instead)

Some things just naturally seem to go together: peanut butter and jelly, night and day, and of course, accountants and spreadsheets. The second you picture an accountant, chances are you think of them crunching numbers in a complicated Excel document....

/ 20th March 2017

We Have a Brand New Video!

We're pleased to announce that we have released a brand new animated video. Our mission has always been to deliver clear & simple accounting software to empower small businesses to get on with what they do best. This new video highlights...

/ 17th March 2017
small business linkedin

Why Small Businesses NEED a LinkedIn Profile

Why You and Your Business Need a LinkedIn Profile It seems like there’s always a new social media channel coming out — and between managing employees, keeping up with your blog, and of course, the actual work of providing your...

/ 10th March 2017

Clear Books Partner Open Day – March 2017 Registration is Open!

Few people know Clear Books better than our Accountant Partners, and whilst we’ve always tried to make changes to the product that benefit our users, it’s probably fair to say that we’ve not always given our partners the opportunity to...

/ 8th March 2017