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Why you should hire an apprentice (or two)!

Could your business benefit from taking on an apprentice? According to recent figures, the number of people starting an apprenticeship grew from 279,000 in 2009/10, to 440,000 in 2013/14. More and more young people are considering an apprenticeship to be an attractive alternative to going to university. In fact, level 6 higher apprenticeships are equivalent to a bachelor degree.

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Final Accounts: Threat or opportunity

Following some feedback on Final Accounts, I’ve put a few words together to indicate how we can counter some accountants’ fears that Final Accounts poses a threat to their business. As many accountants and bookkeepers see cloud accounting itself as a threat, and final accounts the final nail in the coffin, I first want to cover some history within the accounting industry.


New Tick & Bash networking event for accountants!

It’s time for another of our free quarterly networking events for accountants! Come along to our favourite pub Doggett's Coat and Badge in Blackfriars after work on Thursday 21st May to chat and mingle with fellow accountants and bookkeepers over a few drinks — all on us! To reserve your place sign up here and feel free to bring along your other accountant and bookkeeper friends too!


The power of real-life feedback!

Yesterday, we invited eight of our accountant partners from across the UK to a half-day forum to discuss ideas and improvements for Clear Books software. Ensuring that our software continues to provide what our users really want and need is of utmost importance to us. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve launched Final Accounts and a CRM system in beta, as well as updating our systems to comply with both the government’s VAT MOSS requirements and pension auto-enrolment.

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Clear Books Clinic Roundup

Our first Clear Books Clinic last Wednesday 8th April was an undoubted success! Eleven customers dropped by throughout the day to chat to Suzy, our CFO, and Paul, our resident accounting consultant, about making the most of their Clear Books accounts. They covered topics from expenses to recording overpayments — along with general Clear Books tips and tricks that help save even more time.


Paying for invoices in Clear Books

There are a number of ways to pay for invoices in Clear Books which can make reconciliation confusing at times. I have listed a number of different processes you can use to pay for invoices and keep your bank accounts reconciled. You can choose to stick to one particular process, or when you’re more familiar with the system, you can chop and change as you please.


Meet Clear Books developer Tom Verran

Who are you? I’m Tom, a developer at Clear Books. I joined the company in June 2011 on a years industrial placement with the University of Kent and then returned in 2013 after finishing my degree. What does your role at Clear Books entail? I spend my time working on improvements and fixes to our suite of products - Accounting, Payroll, HR - as well as our own applications we use internally.


Vote for your favourite feature idea

There are several factors that influence our product roadmap, including changes in industry regulation and innovation from the Clear Books team. A major source of feature ideas though is our Community forum. Hundreds of ideas have been submitted by Clear Books users, and we then need to decide which to prioritise in implementation.


‘Working with your accountant’ infographic

Earlier this year, we surveyed the business owners in our community to find out more about their relationship with accountants. In the latest of our series of 3 infographics using the survey data, we’ve looked at how business owners prefer to work with their accountant in areas such as communication and advice.


How Google Works

Several of us at Clear Books have recently been reading ‘How Google Works’ - a book by Google executives Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg about the lessons they learned as they helped build the company. It’s a great resource for anyone running their own business, offering tips on how you can help your business succeed in today’s landscape.


Q&A with Clear Books CFO Suzy Kerton

Clear Books CFO Suzy Kerton has been featured in the latest edition of The CA magazine - the official magazine of ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland)! In the article, Suzy discusses her role at Clear Books and her career path to this point, and also offers advice to those wishing to follow a similar career path.

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