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4 ways to get more exposure for your business

Of all the changes that have taken place since the internet entrepreneurship thing took off, the effectiveness of traditional advertising has got to be one of the biggest. Audiences have much more control over what they see now, so traditional ways of getting your business in front of your clients aren’t nearly as effective.


5 common mistakes people make when starting a business

Our aim at Clear Books is to champion the small businesses of Great Britain. Since we’ve been through the process of starting and growing a small business ourselves (not to mention seeing lots of our customers do the same thing), we’ve learned a lot about best practises … and of course, about common mistakes.

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Tell us about yourself and win a Fortnum & Mason champagne gift box

The user experience and design teams at Clear Books are constantly working to improve your Clear Books experience. To do this effectively we’d love to get to know you all! Please help us by filling out this survey which will focus on you, the business you work for/run and how Clear Books fits in with your day.


Clear Books welcomes international colleagues to our UK office!

We’re very pleased to welcome 3 international colleagues from Clear Books España and Argentina for the next couple of weeks - Sonia, Anabel and Marcos. This is their first time in London, and they have come to our offices to get a feel for how we structure our day at Clear Books, how we work closely together in our teams, and how we put our ideas across in the fast-paced work environment.


New Clear Books feature releases – November

Last month we released Clear Books Preview - an area of your account where you can start using brand new features before they are available on general release. Near the start of each month, we’ll release a set of new features into Clear Books Preview that all Clear Books customers can choose to turn on or off.


Improving productivity at work

How to be more efficient   Everyone wants to run an efficient business — there’s a whole  industry of books and seminars that’s grown up around the subject. But a lot of the tips out there are designed for bigger businesses, and don’t really address the concerns of smaller ones. That’s why we thought we’d go back to basics and give you our top five tips for working efficiently as a sole trader or in a small business.


Helpful Clear Books tips #3: multicurrency & alternate languages feature

Here at Clear Books, we’re always striving to make your experience with us as stress-free as possible. That's why we have incorporated many time-saving features that are designed to make doing your books much easier! Some of these helpful features can go unnoticed, or customers may not know all the benefits these features hold.


How to avoid burnout at work

How to avoid burnout at work Job stress and burnout (a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress) are huge issues in the UK — in fact, a study of leading British companies shows that 80% of executives fear that they’ll lose employees to burnout within a year and that one in three workers is thought to suffer from burnout, while the NHS found that 40% of workplace related illness is down to stress.


Why aren’t there more female entrepreneurs?

In this guest article for Clear Books, business journalist Nick Huber looks at the possible reasons why there are more male than female entrepreneurs, and looks at the groups and factors that are helping this gap close.     Entrepreneurial spirit is thriving in the UK. More of us are self-employed than at any point in the last 40 years, according to figures by the Office for National Statistics published in 2014.


What is an asset and what are the different types of assets?

In the previous blog for our commonly asked accounting questions series, we looked at petty cash and how to record it within your Clear Books account. This time we're focusing on what an asset is, and the different types of asset that are used within accounting. What is an asset? An asset, in business terms, is something bought by a company to increase its value and income, or to help benefit the company's overall operations.

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10 benefits of cloud accounting software

Cloud accounting software has had a transformative effect on business owners and accountants alike, completely changing the way they work and saving them time and money in the process. The benefits of cloud accounting software are numerous and it’s a topic we talk about a lot, whether we’re writing about it on our website, speaking to customers on the phone or presenting at an exhibition.


Help us plan our next community event and win a F&M hamper!

You may remember our first Clear Books Community Event (CBCE) which we ran in February this year. Based on the feedback we received we’re looking to focus next year’s event on speaker and workshop based sessions. We’d love to hear your ideas for making the 2016 community event even better! Please take two minutes to complete the following survey about what would make a great Clear Books community event, and we’ll enter you into our prize-draw to win a luxurious Fortnum and Mason hamper worth £100!

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