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Five reasons to let your employees work from home

Do employees at your company work remotely from time to time? At Clear Books, we have a relaxed attitude to colleagues working from home if they need to — not only because it’s a nice perk for employees and contractors, but because having a remote working arrangement can also be really great for your business.

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What is a dividend? How they’re paid, taxed and how to create them

In the previous blog for our 'Commonly asked accounting questions' series, we looked at what a creditor and debtor was. This time we’re focusing on what a dividend is, how you pay them and how you can create them within your Clear Books account. What is a dividend? A dividend is distribution (divvy up) of a limited company’s profits to its shareholders.


What do employers need to know about auto enrolment?

Clear Books partner accountant Michael Godsmark of Woodville Accountancy looks at the steps you need to take as an employer to be ready for auto enrolment. What is it? Auto enrolment is essentially a government pension scheme which is administered and run by employers. The government’s aim is to try to ensure people have enough saved up to last them through retirement.


Ending of Fubra Passport log-in

From Tuesday 9th February 2016, customers will no longer be able log in with their Fubra Passport. The reason we have moved away from the Fubra Passport is to streamline the process when signing up and inviting users.  Since early 2013 we have been working behind the scenes to seamlessly move you from the Fubra login system to Clear Books login.


Clear Books auto enrolment features – stage 6

Today we released stage 6 of our auto enrolment features. To find out more about what auto enrolment is, take a look at The Pension Regulator’s website. If you’d like to know what auto enrolment features we’ve released already, see our blogs for Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stages 4 & 5.


The strange history of accounting

It’s no secret that accounting has a reputation for being a bit boring, and we can see how you might be tempted to think that the only thing more boring than modern accounting is the history of accounting. But actually, you’d be wrong on both counts. While we’ve already tackled some of the misconceptions about accounting in our previous post, the history of accounting is actually really interesting, and much longer than you’d think.

blog_How to win your first customer

How to get your first customer

How to get your first customer It’s the classic catch-22. You know that you can do the work, but you don’t have anything to prove it because you haven’t had a customer yet. It can be so frustrating to be stuck at this stage of your business — but don’t worry, because it really only does take one customer to get things rolling.


Clear Books auto enrolment features – Stages 4 & 5

We’ve now released stages 4 & 5 of our auto enrolment features, designed to help Clear Books Payroll users comply with the UK Government’s new workplace pension regulations. If you’d like to see what features we’ve released already, see our blogs for Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. To learn more about auto enrolment in general and how Clear Books are preparing for it, take a look at our overview blog.


How to improve presentation skills

How to improve presentation skills An important part of most jobs, and particularly if you’re running your own business, is standing up and presenting in front of large groups of people. Whether it’s for a pitch, a conference, or even an internal meeting, it’s vital that you can communicate in a clear and engaging way.


SEO podcast with Nic Cohen (founder of U-First)

SEO podcast For the latest podcast in our series, we spoke to Nic Cohen from U-First (an online and digital strategy consultancy). Nic spoke to us about what SEO is, why your business should consider incorporating SEO into your marketing plan, his recommendations for SEO monitoring / reporting tools and much more.


What is important to your employees?

Employee stress and burnout are at record levels in the UK, and while there are a lot of factors that play into this, one factor is that some employees aren’t getting what they want at work. So what do they want? You might think it’s more holiday time, bigger salaries, or bigger benefits packages, but studies on what employees actually want from a workplace show differently.

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