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Meet Sheila, Clear Books’ graphic designer!

Who are you? Hello! I’m Sheila, or you can call me Shu. What does your role at Clear Books entail? I’m a graphic designer, so most of the time I’m making our publications, marketing website and application look consistent with the Clear Books’ brand using typography and by drawing illustrations. I’m also a scrum master for one of our work cells where I facilitate the running of some projects.


Improvements to our Payroll application

We’ve made some significant improvements to the design and features of our Payroll application, which are now available for you to use! What does it do? The new design allows you to specify custom and arbitrary payments and deductions when processing payroll. Payments and deductions are now laid-out in a way that shows you how it will affect PAYE and National Insurance, so you can see exactly what your employees will be paid as you are processing them.


Should I register my business for VAT?

Before you read on, please note that if your business’s turnover (sales) in the last 12 months was more than £82,000, then you have a legal obligation to register your business for VAT. You can register online here. If your business’s turnover is less than this threshold, the situation is not as clear cut and so you have to weigh up the pros and cons for your individual business depending on what products and services you offer.


Feature update: European VAT now supported in Clear Books

We’re pleased to announce that Clear Books users can now benefit from VAT schemes with pre-populated VAT rates for all EU countries. This means if you are registered for VAT in any EU country, you can simply set up a VAT scheme for this country and the correct rates will automatically appear when creating invoices.


15 top time-saving apps

At Clear Books, our reason for being is to save small businesses time, so we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite time-saving apps for you to try out! 1. Wunderlist  Wunderlist, which has recently been bought by Microsoft, is a great app for keeping all of your to-do lists and tasks in one place.


Job opportunities: come and work at Clear Books!

Are you or someone you know looking for an exciting new role? We’ve got three positions available as part of our support team: customer support accountant, support analyst (full-time), and support analyst (placement). Take a look at the job descriptions and if there’s one that sounds like you, send your CV over to mathura@clearbooks.


14 tips for getting ahead during a summer slowdown

Are you anticipating a quiet summer for your business as all your customers and contacts head off on holiday? To keep your momentum going, we’ve put together 14 ways that you can use this time as an opportunity to refresh your business and even win new customers. [slideshare id=49443097&doc=whitepaper-summer-slowdown-150616080156-lva1-app6891&type=d]   Let us know what you’re planning for the summer in the comments!


10 Clear Books Customers That Can Help Your Business

One of the main motivations for starting a business is finding a solution to a problem that nobody else is solving. For example, Clear Books was founded by Tim Fouracre when his mother needed a simple accounting solution for her company. The company continued to grow as it became obvious that other small businesses could also benefit.


The ups and downs of working with family

In an article for, Clear Books COO Lizzie Fouracre writes about her experiences of working with 2 of her siblings at Clear Books. Lizzie’s brother Tim is the founder and CEO of Clear Books, and another brother, John, leads our support team! Take a look at the article on the link below to read Lizzie’s account of how, despite the swings and roundabouts it brings, working alongside her 2 brothers has a positive impact on Clear Books.


Considering cloud accounting? Read Tim’s tips & advice for choosing a provider

In an article published on Fresh Business Thinking, Clear Books CEO Tim Fouracre explains why businesses might consider cloud accounting and offers some advice and tips to those looking for a provider. Take a look at the article here: Counting in the cloud To start your free 30 day trial of Clear Books’ time-saving cloud accounting software, click here.

dividends 1

Take a look at our brand new dividends tool

If you’re a limited company with shareholders, you’ll love our new dividends tool. You can now easily manage your shares and shareholders, making the process of creating dividends as automated and simple as possible. What does it do? It’s now much easier to manage and view your shareholders and their shares, and perform functions such as issuing, transferring or buying back shares The tool allows you to create dividends and automatically calculate each shareholder’s portion of the dividend You’re then able to view a simple annual tax summary of a shareholder’s dividend payments You can generate and download required paperwork such as tax vouchers for each shareholder, and minutes of the meeting required to authorise dividend payments     How do I use it?


Our Top 8 Useful Blog Posts for Accountants & Bookkeepers

Running an accountancy practice can be challenging — especially if you don’t have the right resources. As we work closely with accountants on a day to day basis, we’ve listed the top blog posts from our archive, that we hope will be a valuable resource for any accountant or bookkeeper.

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