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Clear Books CFO Suzy recognised at One Young CA awards

We’re delighted to announce that Clear Books CFO Suzy Kerton has been highly commended at the 2015 One Young CA awards! Now in its second year, the One Young CA competition recognises chartered accountants under 30 and is awarded to those who can lead, motivate and inspire the next generation of chartered accountants.


How to break a bad habit

A couple of weeks ago we were really proud to support Cycling to Work day — a lot of people participated, and it was really exciting to see how many people were taking up the good habit of cycling to work! This got us thinking about habits in general, especially bad habits.


How to prevent computer viruses in 10 steps

Following on from our recent article on how to keep your online data secure, the computer experts at Clear Books have put together their top tips for keeping your computer itself safe and protected. [slideshare id=53320213&doc=how-to-prevent-computer-viruses-150929112554-lva1-app6891&type=d]


Clear Books takes part in Macmillan Coffee Morning 2015!

Last Friday, Clear Books took part in the world’s biggest coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan cancer research. The fundraising event was established in 1990, and has since then raised over £138 million for charity! In our West Kensington offices, there were a variety of tasty cakes that included lemon drizzle cake, homemade scones, flapjacks, brownies and more.


Clear Books plc holds its second AGM

Yesterday Clear Books hosted our second AGM at our West Kensington offices. The AGM gave us a great opportunity to review the past financial year and present our goals for the current one. It’s also a great excuse to meet and talk with our shareholders. As well as the formalities of an AGM we were lucky enough to have David Blatcher from Baker Tilly UK deliver an insightful presentation about the trends in internationalisation for UK companies within the Tech industry.


Global Bookkeeping Week

This week it’s Global Bookkeeping Week — the biggest virtual gathering of bookkeepers — and we thought this was a great excuse to commend the hard-working bookkeepers around the UK who help SMEs to manage their finances and grow their businesses. We raise our drinks to you all! A series of events are taking place from Monday 21st September till Friday 25th September, with members of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers from 110 different countries!


5 common misconceptions about accounting

For lots of small business owners, the idea of what actually happens in the field of accounting is kind of murky — they have a vague idea that accountants are good at numbers, and that they can balance your books. And while there’s some truth in those statements, they’re definitely not the whole story.


Helpful Clear Books tips #2: locking accounting periods

As cloud accounting providers, we aim to make our software as simple and intuitive as possible. But as our software handles a wide variety of key accounting areas, not all of our helpful features are immediately obvious to our customers. In that spirit, we created this blog series in the hope of helping to highlight many tips and tricks that you can use to improve your Clear Books experience.


How to have a successful day at work

There are tons of blogs, infographics, and free training floating around the internet on how to hack your productivity, manage your time, and generally have the most successful day you could possibly imagine. The great thing about this is that it means that you can choose to have a successful day in pretty much whichever way you want — after all, it’s your business, you decide how to run it.


Meet Suzy, Clear Books’ CFO

Who are you? I’m Suzy and I’m CFO at Clear Books. I’m also a qualified accountant but I'm not boring, I promise! What does your role at Clear Books entail? My role as CFO includes all financial matters from bookkeeping, preparing our annual financial statements for audit, payroll, VAT returns and credit control to dealing with shareholders, customers and suppliers.


8 people you’d never guess were accountants!

Getting your accounting done by an archaeologist, comedian, or mystery author might sound ridiculous … but theoretically, you could make it happen. People with all kinds of different careers have trained or worked as accountants, including: 1. John Grisham John Grisham got his undergraduate degree in accounting as part of a plan to become a tax lawyer, but ended up switching specialties to civil litigation.

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Clear Books shortlisted for the 2015 British Accountancy Awards

We’re delighted to have been announced as part of the shortlist for the 2015 British Accountancy Awards! Last year we won the ‘Client Software Product of the Year’ award, and we’ve been shortlisted for the same award again this year. Now in their 5th year, the 2015 British Accountancy Awards will take place on Tuesday 24th November at the Brewery in London.

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