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It’s about time

Glen Goldsmith, PR consultant and writer, looks at why time management is important and provides some advice on how to manage it more effectively.   As a PR consultant and writer, and as a husband with two children, my time is precious. My working days are full of deadlines, some long and others almost immediate – that’s the nature of PR and the world of media.


Recipe of the month: March

Many Clear Books users are business owners, and whether you’re working by yourself from home or as part of a team in an office, time can be tight when it comes to having a lunch break. That’s why each month we’re posting a recipe for a quick, time-saving lunch from a member of the Clear Books team, so you can still have a tasty and nutritious lunch.


Meet Adrian – Clear Books’ lead developer

Who are you? Hi, I’m Adrian Clay the developer team leader.   What does your role at Clear Books entail? The developers perform a number of roles within the company.  Our time is split between working on improvements to the existing software, and working on new projects such as our Final Accounts app, a dividends tool, and a CRM for our customers to use.


New feature update – February 2015

Last month we asked you to vote on 5 feature ideas suggested by Clear Books customers on our online Community forum. Thank you for all who voted and left feedback - there are hundreds of small projects or tasks that have been added to our ‘Ideas’ page so your interaction is valuable in helping us prioritise what we work on next.


Resources for writing a business plan

Have you had a ‘eureka’ moment for a business idea? One of the first steps any budding entrepreneur should take when starting out is to write a great business plan. Even if your business is already established, it’s important to revisit your business plan and update it every so often to ensure your business continues to grow and can react to any new opportunities or challenges it faces.


Scheduled HMRC maintenance affecting RTI returns

Due to a scheduled upgrade at HMRC,  you will be unable to submit Open Payroll RTI returns between 22:00 on Thursday 26 February and 01:59 on Friday 27 February. If you were planning on submitting returns during this time period, please ensure you submit them before 22.00 on Thursday to avoid any disruption or inconvenience.


5 cheap ways to market your small business

Once you’ve created a solid strategy for your brilliant business idea that covers the big picture, the small picture and everything in between, then you can get to the fun part — promoting it. Here are our top 5 (inexpensive) marketing tips for getting your business out there:   1. Tell everyone you know about it It’s tempting to be cagey at first: ‘what if I fail?


‘Finding and choosing an accountant’ infographic

For business owners, choosing an accountant is an important decision and one that can take a lot of research. We surveyed our community of small business owners to discover what they found important when making their decision, and also what methods they used to find the accountant they ended up working with.


Introducing the Clear Books podcast

The first in our brand new series of business podcasts is now available on the Clear Books website. Entrepreneurs from the Clear Books community will be offering unique business insight and advice, and we have some fascinating and varied subjects in store. For our first podcast we spoke to Brian Jenner, a Clear Books customer and founder of the UK Speechwriters’ Guild.

final-accounts-logo-rgb (1)

Final Accounts is here!

Today we’re launching Final Accounts, a new online accounting solution enabling businesses’ final accounts to be prepared using information directly from Clear Books’ cloud accounting software. Final Accounts has been built in consultation with accountants and user experience designers and is now in its final beta testing phase. During this period, while we get ‘real-world’ feedback and iron out any last bugs, the product is only available to Clear Books accountants and will be free to use.


Strategies for winning new clients

The way accountants win new clients is changing. As cloud accounting software becomes more prevalent, new and creative strategies for gaining business are rising to the fore. Read our new white paper, which contains case studies from a range of accounting practices, to learn more. [slideshare id=42602823&doc=whitepaper-dec-2014-strategy-for-winning-141211064514-conversion-gate01&type=d]


Round up of CBCE

It's been a week since Clear Books Community Exhibition and we’ve just about recovered! For those of you who couldn’t make it, we’ve put together a folder with all the speaker presentations so you can also benefit from their words of wisdom.   The day itself CBCE began at 9am. Once registered, attendees could go straight to the Clear Books Clinic for a chat with our support team, visit Accountants Corner for a review of their finances, or just have a cup of coffee and mingle with the exhibitors and each other.

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