Month: April 2017

The Freedom of Freelancing with Clear Books

When I set up Equation Accounting ten years ago, I never imagined I would have the power to run and grow my businesses whilst enjoying the freelance lifestyle. The concept was a just a fanciful pipe dream. Back then, the...

/ 12th April 2017

7 Reasons to Write a Company Newsletter — And How to Start

Let’s be honest. When most people think of a company newsletter, they think of one more thing to delete from their inbox. And the way many company newsletters are written — dry summaries of things no one really cares about...

/ 7th April 2017

Clear Books – As Heard on Radio!

We are pleased to announce Clear Books has started a round of radio advertising to raise our profile in the UK! You can hear our radio ad via the media player below.   Read More

/ 3rd April 2017

6 Ways to Motivate Your Team (Without Shouting)

Has this ever happened to you? You spend a lot of time and energy hiring great people for your company, only to find out that a few months, or even years later, they seem to have lost their spark. No...

/ 3rd April 2017