Month: November 2017

Government failing to understand our challenges say small business owners

Government failing to understand our challenges, say small business owners

The majority of small business owners* in the UK do not think the government understands the challenges they are facing, or the opportunities open to them. In all, 82% of the owners we surveyed supported this point of view. Phil...

/ 22nd November 2017
Autumn budget 2017

What has the Chancellor’s November Budget got in store for your business?

In this strange age of minority governments and Brexit negotiations, each new Budget has an added dose of importance – not least for the UK's small businesses planning for the future. Philip Hammond, the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, is...

/ 20th November 2017

Investment 101: How to prepare your SME for investment

When you start a business, investment can seem such a remote possibility that you don’t even consider it. But fast forward a few years and suddenly it’s not so far off your radar. Whether you’ve created a new system or...

/ 16th November 2017

3 bookkeeping templates and why you should use Clear Books Micro instead

It’s one of the most divisive words in the small business world. You say it, and people tend to immediately go, “Oh, I love them!” or “No, not this again!” Spreadsheets. This seemingly innocuous word holds a lot of baggage...

/ 8th November 2017