As Earls Court 2 is just round the corner from Clear Books HQ, it was an ideal location for me to pop along and see what all the buzz was about at the Business Startup Show. I went on the Wednesday 1st December, and it was heaving with start up enthusiasts! I’m not sure how much of that was to do with below freezing temperature outside or the free admission. That aside, there was a really positive atmosphere.

I met light bulb inventors, candle makers, dog holiday operators, therapists, plastic surgeons, application developers and loads more weird and wonderful folk. So to make for some interesting and rather amusing networking, this is definitely an event to attend. If you have never been, and you are ever in the area for this free exhibition I would recommend it! The start ups that I spoke with took great advantage of the free advice, ideas and investments provided by various exhibitors and seminar speakers.

To give our Clear Books users a little taste of the day I thought I would post some photos and a video. Now, filming is not my forte…but the more I start to take my camera out to these events – the better I will become. I promise! Enjoy 🙂

And for those of you I met yesterday…enjoy your free Clear Books trial!

[youtube video=”5DouPRFDwzU”]

The judges with big names, and cash to invest!

Speed Networking! Networking taken to the extreme. Less about the small talk - more about being pragmatic!

A feel of Dragon's Den - But live! Credit to all those who pitched their ideas.

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