Today we have another catch up with one of our certified partners Martyn Keates, principal of Keates & Co. let’s take a look at how he runs his successful accounting practice based in Camberley and Fleet.

Who are you and what is it you do?

Chartered Accountants delivering expert business advice in addition to the boring compliance ‘stuff’

How long have you been using Clear Books and how did you come across the software?

5 years – introduced to me by a future client

Why did you decide to become an accountant?

To become a millionaire and follow in my brothers footsteps (he’s an accountant though not a  millionaire yet)

Why did you decide to move into practice?

To add value for local entrepreneurs to help them develop their own businesses because in ‘Corporate’ life I was just making fat Americans fatter

What makes you different from other accountants?

With 15 years experience as an FD I have the experience and expertise to help clients more in their business. The compliance work is used as a basis of how we can help clients

What kind of clients do you cater for?

from the £15k turnover sole trader to the £500k export business. From Aardvark keepers to Zyxel users (A to Z and beyond)

What added value do you bring to your clients?

Helping businesses become more streamlined, more focussed, more efficient and therefore more profitable. That then gives us the challenges of how to minimise their tax bill! When that is done help them with their exit strategy to maximise their final sale price.

What’s the one top tip you’d give to someone thinking about starting up a business?

Make sure you know how to manage your business and not let your business manage you

What’s the one top tip you’d give to someone who’s moving from start up phase to growth phase?

Don’t overestimate anything and make sure that you keep your eye on the cash more than anything

What’s the best thing about what you do?

Seeing clients with smiles on their faces

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

5 years older, 5 years wiser and 5 times growth in my business

What’s the next client you want to on-board?

any client who appreciates support and advice that they are given and don’t see us as a necessary evil (because we view them in the same way)

What are your interests outside of the accounting world?

Family, sport, classical music, theatre, fine dining, exotic holidays – perhaps in 5 years I’ll be able to enjoy them!

What will you be doing as soon as you’ve finished answering these questions?

getting on the phone for a conference call to list a client on the tsx (Toronto Stock Market) after completing a self-assessment return for a local plumber



Posted by Darren Taylor

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