Tim Fouracre and Elaine Clark, the respective Managing Directors of Clear Books and CheapAccounting.co.uk are delighted to announce that they have agreed a strategic working partnership resulting in a unique entry level version of the Clear Books Cloud Accountancy solutions being offered to all CheapAccounting.co.uk clients. The new product will be called Clear Books Entry.

Clark says:

“This is a match made in Cloud heaven. Tim and I share many business values, vision and in fact a very similar background. Although separated in age by many years we both trained at KPMG and have both gone on to careers in the world of technology, with me launching my business in 2007 with Tim following just a year later. I guess our paths were bound to cross at some point; luckily for our clients they have and we have a fabulous future proof cloud accountancy solution to offer them.

I am an avid fan of Cloud being the way forward in the Accountancy practice space. It allows us as accountants to tap into the client financial data throughout the year and not just at the year end. We can give the client timelier and better focused advice, anticipate issues and create relevant cross and upselling opportunities as and when they need them and not several months after the event. It’s a “win win” for the client and the accountant.

Having Clear Books on board means that we can devote all of our resources to where they should be; servicing our clients both current and future. It secures our position as one of the strong leaders in the Cloud Accountancy Practice space helping us to further exploit our foothold, especially with business owners who are used to online services such as IT contractors, freelancers, trades as well as rolling out our brand across many UK locations. This is such an exciting time in our development and never has there been a better moment for any new franchisees to come on board and be part of it.”

Fouracre says:

“The team at Clear Books is passionate about developing innovative accounting software to support and champion small businesses in the UK. So when Elaine approached us with an idea to help thousands of small businesses reap the benefits of the Cloud we had to help out. Now all CheapAccounting.co.uk clients will have anytime, anywhere access to their accounts.

CheapAccounting.co.uk is one of the fastest growing accounting franchises in the UK, on a mission to break the mould with the provision of accounting services. We are thrilled that CheapAccounting.co.uk has looked beyond desktop software such as Sage and is instead embracing and putting next generation Cloud technology at the heart of its proposition.

With CheapAccounting.co.uk leading the way, Clear Books hopes to launch an entry level solution for other accounting practices in the near future.”

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing