Clear Books is now certified by the ACCA as a Gold Level Approved Training Centre! ACCA is one of the largest global accounting bodies under IFAC with over 170,000 qualified accounting members and more than 400,000 student trainees across 180 countries.

This prestigious accreditation means that ACCA recognises Clear Books as an employer with a strong focus and solid internal structure in place for training accounting students, allowing trainees to progress on a fast track programme towards their professional qualification. The ACCA’s continual improvement ethos ensures that employees are consistently keeping up to date with the relevant laws and accounting policies and concepts.

This accreditation benefits not only the employees on the training programme but also Clear Books and its customers. As most trainees will be in our dedicated Support team, we will be able to provide more comprehensive accounting knowledge to our customers and answer a broad range of in-depth questions.

Take a look at the variety of support options we have, including help guides and contact details.

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing