If you are curious to read about a major change process we have been through please check out Tim’s quarterly investor updates.

The summary is that we’ve returned to our roots to make our core business solid. The benefit to you? Clear and simple accounting software delivered with passion and kindness.

    • We’ve set a vision for the company to quadruple the size of the business with a remit of profitability and to increase customer advocacy levels by 78% by March 2023.


    • We’ve defined our purpose as “Clear & simple with Passion & kindness” and now apply this mantra to everything we do.


    • We’ve refocused on the quality and performance of our accounting and payroll software with the impact that we stopped R&D into products such as crm, email marketing, final accounts and tax.


    • We’ve refocused on the UK market and therefore stopped pro-actively trying to build a product in the Netherlands and other European markets.


    • We’ve brought more experience into the team resulting in the recruitment of a new management team as well as filling key roles within the company where we were lacking expertise.


    • We’ve also streamlined core processes to improve efficiency within the company.


These changes will improve how we serve our customers and ensure that we continue to improve our product in the future.

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing