With the deadline for tax returns just around the corner, Clear Books knows how much pressure accountants and bookkeepers may be under. You may be questioning if the workload will ever reduce, so Clear Books has done a bit of research to find some ideas which may lighten the load a little and hopefully guide you to the light at the end of the tunnel.

When things get stressful, it’s easy to get caught under a towering pile of “To-Dos”. Often the best approach is to step back, take a deep breath (or more, just please don’t start hyperventilating!) and spend the next 10 or so minutes doing something you enjoy. Whether that is a particular hobby, relaxing in front of the tv, or even a leisurely walk in the countryside. Just go ahead and do it. This may sound ludicrous, especially at this time of year, but doing something that may clear your head has been proven to boost endorphins which in turn will reduce stress. You’ll also be better equipped to return to your list and prioritise the work more effectively.

Clear Books knows that the client is always right,(even when they may be wrong!) and this can generate friction when you are both under pressure. If you find yourself in conflict with one of your clients, try and resolve the issue in a manner that’s beneficial for everyone. Everyone has a list of to-do’s, and rather than butting heads over the issue, try and resolve it in a way that is mutually beneficial. Find the real cause of the issue and address it while retaining an understanding of your client’s situation.

It is suggested that laughter can cure most negative feelings. During this busy period you need a bit of fun more than ever so have a look at this classic youtube clip. If you haven’t seen it already, you’ll be in tears of laughter, but if you have…you’ll still be in tears. Here’s Charlie and his older brother.

Another tip is to keep a positive outlook. Positivity is definitely the best way to manage stress during this hectic period. Focus on the things you have to look forward to in order to help you manage the pressure you’re under and take comfort in the fact that soon it will all be over. As for what you may be excitedly anticipating, a holiday, a fancy dinner, or even an extended break. Once it’s over, you’ll forget it ever happened (until next year!)

When it is all over, that’s the best time to reflect and note just why it was so stressful. This event happens every year so if you can learn where the pressures come into play, you might be able to nip them in the bud next year. Perhaps if the main issue is clients approaching you too close to the deadline, talk to them and explain the importance of them getting their data to you on a 121 level.

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