Much of the last 12- 18 months have seen the development team focussed on “back end” improvements, with the move to a new hosted environment and changes to the look and feel of the product to improve responsiveness and make the product effective on different mobile devices. We’re now in a new phase and over the next few months, we’re planning on releasing a number of enhancements, including:


    • An improved subscriptions facility, making it easier for you to manage client accounts, subscriptions and bulk license allocation.
    • In response to feedback to the recent invoicing page changes, an improved invoicing process, removing much of the “blank space” on the page and simplifying the entry of multiple invoice lines.
    • Payroll updates for new tax year
    • Dealing with credit notes after a refund
    • Quick pay facility for multiple invoices/bills
    • An improved partner area
    • A new Backup / restore function


In response to your feedback, we’re also inviting key partners to review major changes before they’re made available to the wider user base. This will help us identify any additional improvements that need to be made before new functionality “goes live”. If you’d like to be involved in this process, please get in touch.

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing