LinkedIn has never been my number one in terms of social networking. Limited interactions with limited connections made the platform seem rather…limited.

My opinion changed a week ago when I successfully  used LinkedIn to network with over 300 contacts in less than an hour!

This speedy networking did not involve any early morning breakfasts with over enthusiastic strangers or 30 second sales pitches.

I simply carried out the following.

First of all you’ll need to make sure you have a LinkedIn profile.

Select Contacts>Connections>Imported Contacts. Your LinkedIn profile will automatically send an invitation to everyone you have ever sent an email to from your Outlook/Gmail/Hotmail etc. The recipients will then make the decision to either accept or decline your request.

Sit back and watch as the connections rise!

Due to my sudden influx of new friends I am apparently 2 degrees away from 87,000 connections!

If you want to get involved with other instant networking opportunities make sure you join the Clear Books Network. This is a community hub exclusive to Clear Books users. The Network allows small businesses to promote their business, message and network with other users and collaborate with the Clear Books team.

Select the Clear Books drop down list located to the top right of your Clear Books account. From here make click on the Network option and start interacting with the Clear Books community!

Happy networking!

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing