My name is Hugo Conder and I have been at Clear Books this week as part of my work experience. I am 15 years old and am halfway through my GCSE’s.

My work experience at Clear Books has been a great way of learning how offices are run everyday. During my time here I have experienced four different Clear Books teams and have enjoyed every one of them.

My first day was with the design team, where I was tasked with creating a presentation on competitor products. I also got to experience Adobe photoshop, on which I made a small poster advertising the company which made everyone laugh!

Next, I spent a day with the developers and learned about the software the company provides. I made another presentation on the competitors and their deals on payroll and automatic enrollment. I also got an insight into how the team makes the software and programs it.

On Wednesday, I sat with the the sales team and was given a list of statistics and numbers from which I made graphs and compared activity across different months.  Today is my final day, and I’m sat with the marketing team so have been working on this blog!

My work experience has really helped me get an idea of what work in an office is like. Seeing how the office runs and works is really interesting, and understanding how people work and cooperate with each other is really helpful and gives me an understanding of working in the real world.

Overall I feel extremely thankful to Clear Books for not only giving me the opportunity of work experience, but also for taking time out of their day to help me. It’s been great and I hope to maybe come back some day for a full time position!

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing