Hello there!

Some of you may have heard from me over the last week. I have been ringing round to introduce myself and catch up with you, your suggestions and (fitting in with this month’s campaign) understanding what it is you LOVE about Clear Books.

My name is Lizzie and I am new to the Clear Books team. I am very excited about what this fresh thinking and highly motivated company has in store – and I am determined to help develop the business and nurture our relationship with…you guys!

My role here? Probably a little bit of everything! Which can only broaden my horizons…right? My priorities lie with maintaining communication and customer care with our loyal customers, and of course welcoming those new Clear Book users. So a mishmash of Marketing, Sales and Customer Care. My official title I think will be ‘3 in 1’ Supergirl, but I am open to suggestions!

I am the only female so far to join the team as a permanent employee – so do be kind, and bear with me while I find my feet and work out what’s what.

My first week has seen me calling our current accountants. It’s been great to talk to many of you and understand exactly what it is about Clear Books that works brilliantly for you and where you would like to see us develop and grow. So thank you for taking time out to chat to me!

With reference to things we need to work on a few running themes cropped up: completed Payroll functionality, budgeting feature, more hints and tips for Clear Books users to assist with things like year end process. It was also noted that there needs to be more work from us as team on the communication side of things.

However,  your LOVE for Clear Books included the:

  • uploading bank statements feature
  • idea that all accountants and clients are on one system and the collaboration from everyone in one place
  • time saved by working in real time
  • openness and honesty from the Clear Books team

I was overwhelmed at how positive everyone was about Clear Books – and even though there were suggestions about where we could improve our services, everything was totally constructive. I reported back to the rest of the team…so please look out for improvements (which are happening all the time) and developments to fulfil your requirements.

I don’t want to babble on too much.  This week I am concentrating on newsletters, organising video testimonials, industry and competitor research and of course helping our beloved customers with queries.

Oh…and I am going to get to grips with twitter too. Refusing to join over a year ago (due to Facebook loyalties)…I may have just come round to this idea of tweeting. So maybe some of you would like to follow my movements…or just help a poor gal out. Haha. @MissClearBooks.

Over and out.


Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing