Excess holiday weight shifted. Evenings getting lighter. Online tax returns complete. Huge sigh of relief.

As always, things have been busy at the Clear Books HQ. So here’s a snippet of what’s been going on this month.

Office Move

With the lease successfully signed, the Clear Books team are soon to be on the move to 1500 sq ft of office space. The new office will bring the team together and allow us to expand in 2011.

The move has already started taking place, and will be complete by the first week in February.

Addition To The Team

With more office space we are immediately able to welcome a new developer, Priya, to the team. Priya is excited at the prospect of working for such an entrepreneurial company.

Priya claims to be an excellent cook. Coincidentally Clear Books is soon to start ‘bring homemade cakes to work’ Fridays!


The other day we received a huge package of Clear Books goodies! We had a fashion parade of our funky Clear Books t-shirts.

Guest Blogger

We are pleased to announce that Elaine Clark will be providing regular accounting articles on the Clear Books blog. Elaine is Managing Director of online accountancy practice, Cheap Accounting, who are proud users and Partners of Clear Books.

Client Videos

Have you seen them? Have you played them to your friends? Our new Client Case Studies page is looking rather slick. It’s jam packed with client videos and industry case studies.

This would be an ideal page for Clear Books Affiliates to send their referrals, and make a bit of extra cash from us!

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Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing