Approximately 3 months ago we released a new feature called invoice themes under beta testing, which allows you to customise the design of your invoices within Clear Books. During the beta testing, we gathered lots of feedback from our users on how we could improve invoice themes, and the kinds of things they wanted to be able to change. Your support and feedback was impressive and now I am pleased to give you a sneak peak at the new invoice themes editor.

New Features:

  • Upload a logo to use in your theme.
  • Edit all labels which appear on an invoice.
  • More show / hide options
  • Full UTF-8 character support for special character glyph sets like; Chinese etc..
  • Greater customisation ability through full CSS editing.
  • New document structure to aid in layout customisation.
  • Ability to edit the layout and size of certain elements such as the company logo
  • Full PDF-protection customisation settings – now puts you in control on protecting the PDF outputs of your invoices.

Backwards Compatibility

Due to the changes we have had to make to the document structure of invoices to allow greater customisation there are a few small steps which you may need to take if you had previously used the beta version of invoice themes:

Previous Basic Themes

If you created a theme prior to the launch of these updates using the basic editor, then you will need to re-generate the style sheets used by the theme. To do this, simply edit each theme you created by going to ‘Settings > Invoices > Themes’ and clicking the edit link. Now simply save your theme. This will re-generate the style sheets used for your theme to be compatible with the new changes.

Previous Advanced Themes

If you created a theme prior to the launch of these updates using the advanced editor, then you will need to re-create the advanced CSS to be compatible with the new classes and id’s used in the new document structure.

When will the update be released?

We are in the final testing stages for the new Invoice Themes update, and should hopefully release them at the beginning of next week. This should give the users who have previously created advanced themes under the beta stage sufficient time to amend their theme css prior to the launch. We will announce the release on our blog and also on our twitter feed: when it goes live.

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing