What’s in preview

We are constantly improving Clear Books, and often make new features and improvements available in Preview, which allows you to get early access and to share your feedback.

Better sales invoice creation

We have streamlined how you can create sales invoices, including improved user experience, enhanced input fields, faster loading screens, and easier navigation within the screen.

What’s gone live


Adds a new report for non-monthly payrolls or mixed payrolls to provide a breakdown of the monthly amount owed to HMRC similar to the old P32. Amount owed to HMRC is hyperlinked to provide a full breakdown.

Adds a new report to the bureau payroll plan to list all clients for a chosen month and the monthly amount owed to HMRC similar to the old P32.

Adds functionality to Payroll Overview for monthly payrolls to include “Employment Allowance” column.

Improves the user experience by recording the tax code of an employee on the P11 report to provide a full history of tax code changes by month.

Improves the user experience by prominently displaying an employee’s name when editing employee details or a contact’s name when editing a customer or supplier.


Improves the user experience by including customers with unverified email addresses when bulk emailing customer statements.


VAT returns now show all zero-rated items in the breakdown for Box 1 on the VAT return

Fixed a bug where the VAT return was not always showing expense claims for EU purchases correctly
Improved the clarity of the presentation for a VAT return where an invoice has a mixed VAT rate
Fixed a bug that affected the pagination for VAT returns that contain a large number of items


Fixed a bug that caused problems with small-value rounding on multi-currency expense claims

Posted by Darren Taylor

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